8 Basic ways to prevent deforestation

There has been so much debate about the effects of deforestation in our environment. These effects range from alarming to catastrophic. We read newspaper articles that show the wreckage of natural disasters. Flashfloods have not only damaged millions of real estate in the world, but also collected lives. The landslides did the same thing. These are the consequences of disruption of the balance of nature – these are the effects of deforestation

Deforestation is the transformation of forests into the habit of becoming a place of residence or an industry. More and more businessmen are looking for forests to get more land. The environment is sacrificed for profit. And this is a very confusing fact.

As a person or part of the global community, you can do something to prevent deforestation. You may not be able to fight illegal logs with your bear's hands, but you can make some basic differences – no matter how small. Here is a list:

1. If deforestation is a negative event, a positive event is needed in order to prevent its effects – reforestation. Tree trees and start this in the yard. The trees give out oxygen that is vital to human existence and they embrace human and animal carbon dioxide. Trees help water in its roots. This simple action can prevent soil erosion that is the root cause of landslides. 2. Use recycled items such as books or paper, paper or shopping bags. If so, do not waste these items to avoid replacing new raw materials.

3. If you are a farmer (if you know someone who works as a farmer) try to rotate crops. Instead of using another land every year, why not use the same part with different plants? This practice helps to maintain soil fertility. By rotating plants every year, there are different varieties of harvests, but keeping the land as soon as possible.

4. Only cut mature trees. Do not kill baby dolls. And for every lost tree, replace the other one.

5. Join environmental awareness groups that will help you refresh your reforestation. In Washington, particularly at the high school in Washington, there was a group of students creating a service-learning project. In the project, each one earned a penny. They explained that this money would help to buy Amazon rainforests. If that happens, deforestation can not be realized in the areas purchased.

6. There is a report that Indonesia and Malaysia are cutting more and more wood to produce palm oil. This mass destruction has led to the loss of natural orangutan habitats in the forests of both countries. If you lose more trees, more animals will be homeless. This may not prevent, but may limit, the consumption of products containing palm oil, such as bread, chocolate and some cosmetics such as shampoo, soap or toothpaste. As for your food consumption, roast or cooked meals can be started, not for baking.

7. Instead of using firewood, use burning stoves to warm fireplaces in the winter. Remember, it takes only a few hours to consume firewood, but it takes years to grow a tree. Think twice before you get the firewood again.

8. Support the laws or programs that protect the forests and stop any form of deforestation. Programs such as the tropical forestry action plan have made a significant difference in deforestation today. This program was about tropical deforestation.

It is essential to know that there is no such thing as a small, negligible act in defeating deforestation. No matter how small you are, the most important thing is that "every action can change." Deforestation can be prevented and can be strong in achieving this.

Source by Nathalie Fiset

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