Arowana Care – The Perfect condition Water For Your arowana

a. Arowanas basically tropical fish, so if you want to keep them alive and comfortable, the habitat of tropical container given the right conditions and Arowana care. Try to keep the water temperature is 75-80 degrees, which is the optimum temperature of Southeast Asian rivers and lakes. You have to follow up with a digital thermometer in the tank temperature. If the temperature is getting up to give more light, or place the aquarium in a place where the cold air does not reach.

b. The salinity and acidity of the water tank should be maintained at pH 6.0-7.0 or call neutral pH. If the water pH is not maintained, the Arowana can be exposed to diseases and water get dirty easily, without the corresponding proper Arowana care.

c. In changing the water in the tank or aquarium, it is proposed to be changed to 10 or 20 percent of the water only when you see that start to correct as part of a dirty Arowana care. If you change the water more than those amounts at a time, the Arowana may experience shock, and it can be fatal. Try to change the water only bit by bit, and use water-soluble cleaning products in containers that are safe for the Arowana.

arowana care tips are only a guide but suggests that we have to care more about the basics Arowanas other Arowana lifts. We also buy books or browse the Internet, and I know what kind of care should be given to the kind of Arowana is. As for the Arowana feeding, there is not much problem with this part because every Arowanas are not fussy food. Just make sure that the food will always be clean, disease and parasites.

Source by Robert Khaw

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