Goldfish Care – 5 5 Dos and Don & # 39; ts

Goldfish Care: 5 things you need to do to be happy

1. Do up before their aquarium you buy a goldfish

do not buy goldfish and home to a pet store on the same day. Instead, create a container of gravel, decorations and the filter in the right place (the one that is quiet and away from a window or radiators, and close to a power supply) and fill it with water and turn on all pumps can & # 39; re using. It takes time to chlorine and other chemicals in tap water that can harm fish to be expelled.

2. Do you expiring in the tank forward

takes the & # 39 A new aquarium time; & # 39 ;; mature This strange word essentially means that the container and gravel filters are capable of breaking down the waste before it pollutes the water. You can buy the products start this process off the fish shop. Such & # 39; Cycling & # 39; typically about two weeks, and prevents the new fish are exposed to environmental pollution.

3. We have stock of goldfish tank slowly

Get just two fish, the first (goldfish sociable animals) and give them a week or two in the tank before buying any more fish. This makes the tank more time to mature, to deal with the increase of waste products.

The best thing you can do to keep goldfish healthy is to regularly change some of the water. A siphon tube to remove about one-fifth of the water once a week and replace it with new water, preferably water that & # 39; ve allowed to stand overnight. Changing water as it dilutes down pollution, and adds fresh minerals in the reservoir.

5. Do you buy a filter

Many people without a goldfish tank filter, or air pump. But Added a filter greatly improve the quality and stability of the water in the tank for sale. Even a pump – the bubbling improves oxygen levels in the water, which goldfish really appreciate.

five things you need to do when not caring the goldfish

1. Do not keep a goldfish in a bowl

Yes, some people keep pets alive for years in a bowl, but many other senior short, unhappy life. Goldfish curious fish love to swim around and explore. Give them a tank of at least two feet long. Furthermore, goldfish bowl and easily contaminate fresh design prevents the transfer of oxygen into the water.

2. Do not overfeed the goldfish

The fish need to eat all the food you add five to ten minutes. If you have food lying on the floor of the aquarium, you & # 39; overfeeding. This surplus food rot down and pollute the tank.

3. Do not overstock your tank

The tank can only hold so many fish before they start to get dirty too quickly or before the oxygen water drops. The three-foot-long aquarium takes approximately four adult goldfish happy – you can add a few if you need to, especially if you & # 39; You got air pump, but it & # 39; It s not advisable.

4. Do not keep a normal goldfish fancy goldfish

Fancy goldfish, the bubble-like eyes and the twin-tail, much finer and slower moving than the normal goldfish. You & # 39; ll fewer problems if you keep one or the other of the same kind of aquarium.

5. Do not add fuel

Some people use space heaters meant tropical fish tanks own goldfish tanks. This is not only unnecessary – it could harm the fish. They will be very happy living a normal temperature, and probably prefer a little colder side!

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