How can I observe, prevention and treatment of Dengue?

Harmful viral disease that shows up in tropical areas, which carries out transmission by mosquitoes, which are suffering by a sudden fever and severe joint pain is called Dengue. This is the most common disorder of the present times. Now it will discuss the symptoms, prevention and treatment in the following manner.

There are certain symptoms of dengue, it is easy to predict that by the disease. The symptoms of dengue explained as follows.

High fever
fever is a common disease, but a symptom of dengue fever. In other words, if a person suffering from a high fever, then the probability that he is the trap of this disease.

Intensive sweating
Sweating is good for our health, but intense sweating is a sign of this disease. Therefore, if one looks intense sweating you need to go to diagnostic tests for this disease.

Common Pain
joint pain is a common problem, but it should not be overlooked, as it is the symbol of this disease that serious.

vomiting and nausea
vomiting and nausea symptoms of many diseases, but they are also the signs of the disease that can be diagnosed as early as possible.

Loss of Appetite
Food required for our body. It provides energy to the body. Loss of appetite is the indication of the disease.

In order to have a healthy life-blood pressure is normal. Low blood pressure is a sign of this disease.

rashes on the skin
diagnosed with this disease by observing the indication of rashes on the skin.

If the hands and feet becoming swollen will be the consequences of the disease. The severe conditions of blood platelets and blood pressure lowering get selected.

Because this disease is dangerous for the body, so some precautions must be taken to avoid this disease. These precautions are as follows.

Avoid visiting tropical or subtropical areas, as these areas are much more subjected to this disease.

should first improve water storage.
2. Waste must be disposed of properly.
3. Water must be strictly avoided recession.
using 4 to use mosquito repellent DEET should be imposed on 10 per cent, but 5.should also read the warning labels due diligence. Mosquito such as marigold and lemon balm should be used.
5. Dark clothes should be avoided, as the dark shades to attract mosquitoes. Light-colored clothes to wear full sleeves.

There is no particular drug used to treat the disease. The pomegranate juice and other liquid nourishment should be able to recover and heal. Plenty of rest should be taken to recover from this disease. Acetaminophen and Codeine should be given to joint pain and severe headaches.

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