Discus Fish Diseases – ammonia poisoning and Ich

One of the most common Discus fish diseases ammonia poisoning. This occurs because of the accumulation of toxic ammonia, and inadequate nitrogen cycle in the aquarium. Ammonia poisoning is sometimes caused by the failure or removal of biological filter in the aquarium. This disease directly affects the fish and along with adverse effects such as organ failure and vulnerability to disease increased. It & # 39; s very important to know that you can not do that in a tropical fish in water, ammonia is completely removed. You also have to make sure that the filters are working properly. To avoid this, the onset of the disease, you need to change the water regularly and if possible, do not overcrowd the tank. If the fish seem to be red and swollen gills, or if you keep staying on the water surface gasping for breath, you will most likely affect the ammonia poisoning. This happens because the more ammonia is present in the container, the less oxygen available for the fishes.

other signs that the fish are affected by the disease include loss of appetite, hovering at the bottom of the tank, slowness and inflamed eyes or anus. If you have a relatively new tank, the ammonia levels to rise quickly enough, if the meat is already cycling. Cycling means simply creating bacteria in the biological filter bed to remove the toxins that the fish & # 39; and metabolic issue. It & # 39; and it is very easy to handle discus fish diseases, such as ammonia or ammonia poisoning stress. Replacement Water always helps to get rid of ammonia in fish. Then the ammonia removal, but remember that this does not help in the long run, because it can cause long-term negative side effects in the tank. When changing the water, be sure not to use water that the ammonia content, the biological filter can begin to process the excess waste, while relieving the stress of the discus fish.

Apart from ammonia poisoning, another disease, which is caused by poor water quality ich, which includes the appearance of white spots on the fish & # 39 body and the fins. The best way to handle such discus fish diseases to increase the temperature of the water and administered medicine available in any pet store. Before administering medication, be sure to remove the carbon filter, because it absorbs all the material. If possible, use a quarantine tank to make sure other healthy fish will not be affected.

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