Lychee Tea Health Benefits

The lychee is a tropical and subtropical fruit trees, which is mainly found in Asia, South Africa and Mexico. This is a fragrant fruit, sweet taste. The fruits of 3-4 cm long and 3 cm in diameter. The outer cover pink-red, coarsely patterned crust that is not edible but can easily be removed by hand, as one who eats the fruit peel of the fruit separate. They ate fresh fruit on the tree, while others desserts of honey and most often serve this cool concoction. This is my favorite dessert fruit of many diners.

The Chinese consider the lychee, which is a red, heart-shaped fruit, a symbol of romance and love. And that lychee tea out of it. This tea offers a strong, pleasantly sweet. The reddish-brown beer with a light and sweet honey-like flavor. It's a treat to serve the Chinese e hot – or ice.

a customary ritual of drinking tea almost every time the Chinese society. Ceremonies usually the tea as the drink is served. There is no time in China, where tea is not present, especially the dinners, which are long-time complexity of the food-loving Chinese. In such a lavish dinner is usually at the end of the tea, because it is believed that tea is the best drink to help digestion, food intake of diners.

Even the hotel – generally welcomed the guests in the rooms when you first check the usual tea containers and cups of tea, and fruits that are in season. The lychee fruit is naturally one of the hotel guests enjoy the fruit as a welcome treat.

Lychee tea than other types of tea in Chinese society, we believe that good a & # 39; s health. Well, considering that it seems the Chinese are not obese at all, logic is drinking tea. Even sumptuous Chinese cuisine to pamper herself lychee tea and other kinds of tea helps to maintain a good physique.

The good news for the rest of the country now is that the lychee tea is now available for other nationalities. The British tea; Perhaps Americans can learn the art of drinking tea. Perhaps this drink tea instead of cola and other drinks just fattening up of young, whether the drink is really for all people – young and old alike. The health benefits of lychee tea included – can not be overstated.

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Discus Fish Diseases – ammonia poisoning and Ich

One of the most common Discus fish diseases ammonia poisoning. This occurs because of the accumulation of toxic ammonia, and inadequate nitrogen cycle in the aquarium. Ammonia poisoning is sometimes caused by the failure or removal of biological filter in the aquarium. This disease directly affects the fish and along with adverse effects such as organ failure and vulnerability to disease increased. It & # 39; s very important to know that you can not do that in a tropical fish in water, ammonia is completely removed. You also have to make sure that the filters are working properly. To avoid this, the onset of the disease, you need to change the water regularly and if possible, do not overcrowd the tank. If the fish seem to be red and swollen gills, or if you keep staying on the water surface gasping for breath, you will most likely affect the ammonia poisoning. This happens because the more ammonia is present in the container, the less oxygen available for the fishes.

other signs that the fish are affected by the disease include loss of appetite, hovering at the bottom of the tank, slowness and inflamed eyes or anus. If you have a relatively new tank, the ammonia levels to rise quickly enough, if the meat is already cycling. Cycling means simply creating bacteria in the biological filter bed to remove the toxins that the fish & # 39; and metabolic issue. It & # 39; and it is very easy to handle discus fish diseases, such as ammonia or ammonia poisoning stress. Replacement Water always helps to get rid of ammonia in fish. Then the ammonia removal, but remember that this does not help in the long run, because it can cause long-term negative side effects in the tank. When changing the water, be sure not to use water that the ammonia content, the biological filter can begin to process the excess waste, while relieving the stress of the discus fish.

Apart from ammonia poisoning, another disease, which is caused by poor water quality ich, which includes the appearance of white spots on the fish & # 39 body and the fins. The best way to handle such discus fish diseases to increase the temperature of the water and administered medicine available in any pet store. Before administering medication, be sure to remove the carbon filter, because it absorbs all the material. If possible, use a quarantine tank to make sure other healthy fish will not be affected.

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The amazing healing powers Guyabano

Guyabano What?

The people of the Philippines called this the fruit while it is called Guyabano Soursop pudding Apple or English. This is a tropical fruit of the scientific name is Annona muricata Graviola is known (Portuguese) GuanĂ¡bana (Spanish): The pawpaw (Brazil) and Corossol (French).

The low branching, slender, bushy Guyabano tree only grows to about 7-9 meters, and the leaves are large, smooth, shiny surface. The fruit & # 39; External soft, spiky green and weighs more than 6 kg. They can grow quite large. It & # 39; s body is this distinct cream, pineapple and strawberries and sour-sweet taste, a fusion that is definitely strange for my taste.

Where can we find?

Guyabano exotic fruit from the island in the Philippines and some tropical Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. This fruit can be found in many countries with high humidity, such as in South America, the Caribbean, the Amazon, the Pacific and Africa.

benefits and use of drugs

is not just a pleasant juice, smoothies or sorbet, guyabano be eaten raw, and a number of therapeutic and healing benefits. The researchers found that the extracts from the timber effectively hunt down and kill malignant cells only 12 types of cancer, including, but not the lung, colon, prostate, breast and pancreatic cancer causing damage to the body & # 39; and healthy cells. Unlike chemotherapy, chemo subject the individual to go through a variety of gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, tiredness, fever, constipation, diarrhea, or even during treatment.


Guyabano concoction of leaves to bath water can help reduce fever by reducing body temperature. The compress Guyabano young leaves can cure skin rashes, such as eczema, mouth ulcers or herpes, and alleviate rheumatism applying it to the affected area. We can heal the wounds, antibacterial properties due to less chance of scarring. It also helps to reduce blood pressure, increase energy and prevent depression.

root and bark

used in diabetes by enhancing insulin production and lowers blood glucose levels. It has soothing properties that can help induce a good night's sleep. Since high calcium is good for bones.

The Juice / Pulp

The fruit is packed with fiber, it can help lower bad cholesterol good news for those who want to lose your extra pounds. The juice is excellent prevention against constipation, liver disease, urinary tract infections and even hematuria.

The Seeds

Of course, there & # 39; it's more of a Guyabano fruit, not discarded. Powdered seeds can be used in an alternative pesticides.

More Guyabano wonders that have been used for ages all over the world, and these are just some of the biological discoveries.

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How can I observe, prevention and treatment of Dengue?

Harmful viral disease that shows up in tropical areas, which carries out transmission by mosquitoes, which are suffering by a sudden fever and severe joint pain is called Dengue. This is the most common disorder of the present times. Now it will discuss the symptoms, prevention and treatment in the following manner.

There are certain symptoms of dengue, it is easy to predict that by the disease. The symptoms of dengue explained as follows.

High fever
fever is a common disease, but a symptom of dengue fever. In other words, if a person suffering from a high fever, then the probability that he is the trap of this disease.

Intensive sweating
Sweating is good for our health, but intense sweating is a sign of this disease. Therefore, if one looks intense sweating you need to go to diagnostic tests for this disease.

Common Pain
joint pain is a common problem, but it should not be overlooked, as it is the symbol of this disease that serious.

vomiting and nausea
vomiting and nausea symptoms of many diseases, but they are also the signs of the disease that can be diagnosed as early as possible.

Loss of Appetite
Food required for our body. It provides energy to the body. Loss of appetite is the indication of the disease.

In order to have a healthy life-blood pressure is normal. Low blood pressure is a sign of this disease.

rashes on the skin
diagnosed with this disease by observing the indication of rashes on the skin.

If the hands and feet becoming swollen will be the consequences of the disease. The severe conditions of blood platelets and blood pressure lowering get selected.

Because this disease is dangerous for the body, so some precautions must be taken to avoid this disease. These precautions are as follows.

Avoid visiting tropical or subtropical areas, as these areas are much more subjected to this disease.

should first improve water storage.
2. Waste must be disposed of properly.
3. Water must be strictly avoided recession.
using 4 to use mosquito repellent DEET should be imposed on 10 per cent, but 5.should also read the warning labels due diligence. Mosquito such as marigold and lemon balm should be used.
5. Dark clothes should be avoided, as the dark shades to attract mosquitoes. Light-colored clothes to wear full sleeves.

There is no particular drug used to treat the disease. The pomegranate juice and other liquid nourishment should be able to recover and heal. Plenty of rest should be taken to recover from this disease. Acetaminophen and Codeine should be given to joint pain and severe headaches.

Source by Amit Saraswat