African Safari Trivia Questions and Answers

1. Where are the lions in the wilderness?

. South from the South of the Sahara Desert

B. Northwest India

C. All A and B

D. The Zoo

C. Mind A, Both B

TOPIC: Today, the lions in the wild have only two places on the earth. About 100,000 lions live in Africa, south of the Sahara Desert. Another 300 lions, so-called Asian lions, live in a reserve that is called the Georgian National Park and the Lion Shrine in Northwest India.

2. Elephants are the largest land animals and the longest. How long does the average elephant live?

. 100 years

B. 60 years

C. 40 years

D. 20 years

B. 60 years

It is very intelligent and powerful, elephants are the largest terrestrial animals and have the longest lifespan with 60 years of life or longer. Healthy, full-grown elephants have no natural enemies other than humans

3. Fathers are very intelligent primates. How many monkey species exist?

A. 2

B. 13

C. 202

D. 313

B. 13

] TOPIC: Monkey 13 species, including chimpanzees, gorillas, gibbons and orangutans. Monkeys are sometimes confused with monkeys, but unlike their primate counterparts, monkeys do not have dice, their arms are usually longer than their feet. Monkeys live in tropical forests and African and Asian forests

4. Waterparks are often referred to as river horses as they have the characteristics they possess

. They are the horses that only see the river on the leg

B. They are the horses that spend most of the day in the water

C. Gills behind their ears can breathe under water.

D. Nose has a special wing that falls below the water when it is closed.

D. Nose has a special wing that falls below the water when it is closed.

TOPIC: Watercraft really resemble pigs like horses. They have big heads with small eyes and small ears; Nose holes that are sparse with spiky hair are equipped with special wings that stop when the animal falls beneath the water.

Big apes are well-developed brains and are among the most intelligent animals. What are the traits that we found to be just people

. Creating Haiku Poetry

B. Making Alcoholic Beverages

C. Space Travel

D. Making Devices

D. Making Devices

THEMES: In the wild, chimpanzees and orangutans are known to have simple tools such as armed sticks to cut insects from tree trunks. Tool manufacturing includes a predetermined image of how the device will look like a visualization capability that is only possible in an advanced brain. Orangutans have been observed to remove the lumps and have taken the steps necessary to accomplish the complex task.

6. Which Zebra's Feature Is NOT True?

A. The zebra can recognize the other zebra with the pattern of the stripes on their body

B. The mountain zebra begins to flow almost every day

C. Grevy zebra and mountain zebra endangered Illegal hunting and habitat destruction

D. Greater than a horse

D. Bigger than a horse

THEMES: Zebra, a striped mammal of African origin, smaller Sized like the associated horse and resembles the habit and form of the wild ass, a short, erect mane, big ears, and a knotted tail. Stripes that distinguish this animal from other members of the horse family serve as protected dyes in their natural habitat.

Despite their mighty power, lions have no easy life in the wilderness. They suffer from parasites and illnesses, are injured or even hunted or fought among themselves and starve when there is little food. How many puppies die before they are 1 year old?

. One-fourth

C. Half

D. Almost all

B. Two Thirds

TOPIC: The puppies are about Two-thirds of them die before they are 1 year old. Adult men are usually old and 10 years old when they survive for so long and rarely live for more than 12 years. Females live longer for up to 16 years, and some are still breeding for 15 years. In zoos, where they receive veterinary care and plenty of food – and can not take part in lions, they can live for up to 25 years

8. Is the fossils from elephant ancestors ever to have lived on the continents?

. Only Africa and Asia

B. Australia and Antarctica

C. All Australia and Antarctica

D. Europe and the United States of America

C. All except Australia and Antarctica

TOPIC: The fossils of elephant ancestors indicate that they lived on all continents outside Australia and the Antarctic, but the elephant habitat is currently limited to parts of Africa and parts of Southeast Asia. Elephants in Africa and Southeast Asia – grasslands, marshes, forests, deserts, and mountains – occupy many environments. They are herbivores or herbivores, and they need a large amount of food to maintain their huge size. They need a lot of drinking water, so they have plenty of vegetation and plenty of water.

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