Arowana Care – Tip to Bring Out the Color in Arowana Red

Many times, arowana owners buy a young red arowana from the aquariums and raise them thinking that it guarantees that they are rich in red Scales will be developed. They can wait for a few years, and arowanasuk does not look red. The fact that if you bought a 1.5 or a Grade 2 arowana, you have a good chance not to grow up to the desired red color. These are only naming conventions and do not reflect the color of arowana.

There are only a bunch of naming convention for red arowanas. Probably super red arowanas, chili red or blood red arowanas could have met. Many farms create names based on their own brand, so there is no formal or official naming conventions or classifications.

Certain factors help to create red red arowana red. One is the exposure to sunlight. Unfortunately, most hobbyists keep the fish at home, and if the container was released for direct and direct sunlight, it would have been too much of a bullet in the tank. Another thing that increases the chances of Arowana's color as you want it to increase the consumption of carotenoid-containing foods.

Red arowana shrimp can often be fed because it contains carotenoids. Do not forget to remove your head because it contains sharp parts that can damage the fish. Another trick is that carotenoid-containing carrots feed on eating worms and feed the worms to the fish.

You can not guarantee the deep red arowana, but there are things you have the chance to get.

Source by Robert Khaw

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