Cheerios for fish – How to feed fish

What is the best fish for domestic animals and tropical saltwater fish? Everyone has a different opinion about this. But some people only chose their fish, which the pet store tells them. This really limits you and restricts the fish. If you grow, you are looking for great, healthy, creative and unusually happy fish, you must go a step beyond what fish say.

First, you decide to buy them or otherwise get them, and then after you have figured out their purpose, you can figure out the proper food. Do you want regular, tiny fish to swim in the tank, run the millet? Or would you like to win, fish that looks a little bigger, fish a little happier? Do you want to see the fish running on top of the tank to get their old dried fish or want to eat more than in nature, hunt their own food in the wilderness, and the practice that this hunt gives them?

If you want natural nutrition, you would choose to live the food. The next step was the frozen food that once lived and, last but not least, the dried food or flakes nourish this round cylinder.

Here are some things to consider when buying a fish:

1. Are the bottom fish dispensers or the top feeder available? Bottom feeders can enjoy the food that falls to the bottom and floats. Buy some Tubifex live worms. The pet guy will put these in the fridge. It looks like brownish, reddish, messy balls with little line worms. They feel terrible, but I collect the fish. If a small ball is thrown into the tank, the fish will wrestle to find out right away.

2. If you have salt water or tropical fish, you should try living salted shrimp as food. Of course, you can add fish dishes with dried or flaky food.

You can buy branded food or no food, and fish will survive. So how do I know this? I once ate a fish and ran out of the fish. So I crushed some Cheeriums between my fingers and nourished the fish from the food. They loved and flourished, so I never went back to regular fish. These fish were great from the small fish. So the Cheerios were successful. Do not try anything I write because it was my own experience and I can not guarantee that it works for you or special fish. If you are experimenting with this, you can start your regular fishery and complement Cheerios. It's just a thought, not a suggestion or an instruction. Good luck! If there is a fish that has great potential for greater growth and wants big fish, you can start tubifex feeding fish and replenishing real earthworms when the fish is bigger. You can have an astronaut's cellar in your tank that you bought for about half a inch, and if you feed this fish properly and lift it, it can be one or two meters long. Wonderful growth for an astonishing fish. There was one such thing, and we fed huge giant earthworms. The original fish sold us two dollars and become monsters.

You remember when you buy fish, sometimes you do not pay for the fish. What causes real costs for the hobby of raising fish: the feeding, housing, filtration of water, and the decorative aspect of fish and container display. I hope this article has helped you. Read other articles in the near future about fish dishes, feeding fish, picking guppies, and specific fish and fish hobbies. The author has raised fish in the past, and for many years has brought and cared for many different animals. All questions, comments and comments are appreciated.

I'm writing a lot about the heart and the experience I'm writing about comes from life. If you read all the classifieds here on my site, I mostly kept pets, raised them or looked at other people.

Source by Linda A. Perry

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