Damaged Indian Wooden Furniture Repair

Indian wood furniture, like any other furniture, are prone to damage. In general, wooden furniture often suffers with traps, tears, minor cracks and broken or slashed sections. Many times, porous wood, such as maple, can break and dry. Maple is, however, not very useful in making Indian furniture. In southern India, where the climate is tropical and the temperature is damp, the wooden furniture is easily bent. In addition, cosmetic faults can damage Indian furniture. These include peeling paint and melting varnish. It is not impossible to repair damaged Indian wood furniture and restore it in good condition. Just take a little care

Before moving the actual recovery process, move the furniture to a dry outdoor area when weather permits. Open the windows to secure the ventilation if you find that the furniture is too large to move from the outside. Put some old paper on the floor to protect it from wooden dust and chemical spills. Before starting work, place a disposable rubber gloves and wear a safety mask

Use any available chemical stripping agent to remove old varnish or paint to begin repairing damaged Indian wood furniture. Take a clean brush, dip into the stripping agent and spread the agent to the Indian wooden furniture. Wait for at least seven minutes to oxidize the material. Then start the top layers of paint or varnish with a clip or scraper.

Now place a new glove that protects your hands from the shards. First, rub the surface of Indian furniture with an electric grinder, evenly smooth and open the grain. Use a sanding paper to gently rub away the distant parts of the furniture. Then remove all ports with a clean brush.

Use some wood glue to glue the raised wooden elements. Now look at the furniture and carefully examine the joints. Bring up any loose table or chair. As usual, first rub the surface with sanding paper between the joints first to remove the old glue residues. Then glue the glue on the inner surface of the joints and put the feet back on. Attach fasteners to fasten the parts. Remove the clamps only after 6 and 8 hours when the glue drys.

The timber should be laid for any hair clipping or cracking. Allow the sealing material to dry. If the adhesive and sealant are dry, gently rub the surface again. Then wipe the wooden powder from Indian furniture.

After doing everything, blot in Indian wood furniture. Wooden furniture can use water-based stains in wet or dry environments. You can also choose latex enamel paint to paint your furniture. A pair of coats would suffice. Finally apply a waterproof and insect-resistant glossy surface to the forest

Source by Prabuddha K Neogi

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