Discover the Right Betta Fish Water Temperature

Here's the day's question for betta lovers. What do you think is the water temperature of the betta fish in the tank? 70 degrees? After all, hard fighting fish. 75 degrees? We keep the temperature of our houses. About 80 degrees? Well, if you figure out 80 degrees, you're right and the betta likes you.

Is it surprising that betta has 80 degrees of water temperature? Think for a moment, tropical fish, tropical fish live where the temperature almost always exceeds 80 degrees. If the temperature falls below 80 ° C, the water in which it is stored keeps the higher temperature until the sun comes up and reheats.

Living in the dark puddles and the other, A city legend. These fish live in rice fields, rivers and lakes, which usually have a fairly high temperature. Betta's fish, thinking of fish that do not require special treatment or care, will roughly judge the betta An early cry or anything. My wife and I had a beautiful blue betta for their four year anniversary. We spent two years at home for most of the time, and the house was 75 degrees. In the summer we set a temperature of 80 degrees. We noticed that the betta increased significantly during the activity when the house was 80 degrees, compared to 73 or 75 degrees. He never responded to us that this temperature difference was due. We think it was one day lazy, not the other.

In the winter we made a long journey a week and one of our neighbors walked through the fish. The house temperature was set to 65 degrees. When we returned from the trip, a beautiful little betta was on the floor of the tank and it seemed to be dead. The house's temperature was 66 degrees. We both thought the little boy was goner. We left it until we unpacked and the house warmed up. After about an hour he started to swim, and when the house temperature reached 75 degrees, he normally swam around. 19459002

This was the point when the light came to my wife and myself. Maybe Betta fish should not be in cold water. Do not forget tropical fish! My wife jumped over the internet and started researching. Of course, almost all sights made it clear that bettes should be kept in tanks that were heated and 80 degrees. I wonder how many bad little bettas died of hypothetics when the water in the tanks was very cold. What is the answer to this problem? And why do not you tell me about landing fish in the pet store? It's as simple as heating the tank to the betta tank. It may be simpler! How many fish died and what would have been the cause. A few words in the pet shop took care of the problem.

Many aquariums and aquariums are equipped with a tank boiler or can be easily placed in the tank.

The SIZE of A radiator depends on the Betta tank size.

It is best if one of the is fully immersed and even then it has a capacity of about a 10-watt heater Safe when running dry. Such a heating element is approx. You can increase the water temperature by 5 degrees. Such a cost would cost around $ 13.

In larger tanks, such as a 5 gallon, 40-50 watt heating system would be needed. Such a price would be around $ 25.

Now that you've decided to get a heater, the next question is where you can get one? What about the pet shop where he bought the fish? Most pet stores have a number of fish storage and heaters. Many tanks come with heaters specifically designed for the size of the aquarium. If not, just go to the previous guidelines, get help from the head of the ministry and read the information on the heating wrap.

Do not forget this thing on the World Wide Web. There are hundreds of places where you can buy a betta tank.

Another thing to consider is a thermometer that examines the temperature of the water. This is the only accurate way to get acquainted with the actual temperature of the water. The thermometer will be under $ 10.

Betta fish has a happy, healthy life (about 5 years) if you make little effort to help. One of the best things to do is to make sure the water in the tank is kept at the right temperature. The tank heater and thermometer are a very easy task.

Source by Robert D Schroeder

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