Discus Fish Farming – The Easy Way of Fish Type

The Simple Way of Fish Type

The most interesting fish you can keep is Discus. Of course, that's just my opinion. These beautiful creatures are very expensive and cost hundreds of dollars for a fish. I find it a crazy price tag on Discus, and I would never offer anybody to pay more than $ 70 for a single adult. In Michigan, here's the aquarium. The discount rate is $ 45 for young people and $ 70 for adults. With the Discus High Price, I want to give you some money saving on the fish, because when you get these tips right, you never have to buy a Discus.

The Next Step

Keeping the Discus Aquarium a blast, but the hobby is more. I even know I love disco, breeding is the next level of hobbies. It's fun and a great way to save money at the expense of fish. The breeding disc can be difficult, but it can be a good experience with proper guidance. If you are interested in the discus, you know how expensive the fish is. Therefore, breeding is extremely popular among discotheque fans. Disks are great breeders, and in some cases they do not know in the main tank they do not even know. This is a pleasant surprise, so be careful when you think this has happened. After a few weeks you can see the baking swim.

Start Time

I want to show you a few different ways to start Discus fish farming. I'll show you the simple and expensive choice and the less expensive method. The simple option is to buy a breeder's pair. When shopping for a breeding couple, get acquainted with your dealer who is interested in you. They give you some opportunities and pricing information to get started. Traders and people who do not mind spending money are choosing this route because fish can start to mingle in a few days. The only disadvantage is that this method is very expensive. Mating couples are expensive for $ 200-300 for the pair.

You want to use this next option to save money on breeding costs. With this option, you can buy at least 6 discos. In this mode, skip the sexes of the fish. This is not 100% guaranteed. I can tell, though, this method never succeeded when I set up new tanks and persisted. I strongly recommend this option to someone who is just starting to create a new aquarium. Mom's Dad

For a while in her main tank They start to notice who the couple is going to be. The disc wants to create an aquarium area. When you see two fish to protect them against their other tankers, they are ready to breed. Keep this eye on, because these two fishes will be mom and dad. Now it's time to move both of them into the breeding tank. The breeder tank is a container separated from the container where it keeps the fish. For the production of pig fish, it is advisable to have at least one 20 gallon container for the two fish.

Set up the brewing tank

When replacing the tank, your discus should be released. Use water from the main tank to fill the "Discus fish tank". This maintains the pH level that the fish also uses. Be sure to leave the bottom of the brewing tank clean. You do not want to find rocks or pebbles at the bottom of the tank. This is the reason for this step. You want to remove the remaining foods and debris as easily as possible. The only necessary decoration is the vertical surface of the eggs. "Aquarium fish" lays their eggs like an angel.

Both types of fish tend to place their eggs on a vertical surface. You will have many vertical surfaces. Most people go easily and use a plant like a java Fern. I like to turn the ceramic pot upside down. If you think the tank looks a bit dull, I suggest that a potted plant be placed in a corner to give some shelter to your disco. Although it may not be necessary, remember this tip if the fish are tense. The second key to the discus breeding process is screening. I use a sponge for biological loading, and I also like to use a small power filter and put a bag of moss in the back to keep the pH.

The Lightest and Most Important Pig Breeding Tips

Keep in mind that the Discus fish tank is usually much smaller than the original tank. It is indispensable to remember this fact. Regularly check the brewing tank for ammonia spikes and water temperature. Daily check the water and clean the waste every day. This practice is very important for discus fish breeding. Disciples are very strange about their water conditions when they are breeds. If the water quality is poor, fish do not even try to pinch.

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