Dr. Bob Marshall Bio: Learn more about the popularly recognized clinical nutrition researcher

Dr. Robert "Bob" Marshall is a widely known nutritionist, especially among Americans. His popular radio show – "Health Line". His radio show has been in the air for 14 years. Dr. Bob's advocacy around the world helps people in their health. Through this research, you develop and provide people with nutrition information. However, only a few people know this great nutritionist, so this article introduces a short Dr. Bob Marshall realm to introduce others. In 1969, Dr. Marshall was indeed struggling with a "Diagnostic" state that encouraged him to learn and look for nutrition. There have been many treatments, but they have not been able to treat the disease. However, this condition prompted him to become acquainted with health and nutrition, not only to find the treatment of his illnesses, but he really loved it. He studied at Columbia Pacific University and graduated in 1978. She then received a PhD and received the clinical nutrition degree from the Texas International Society of Clinical Nutrition Scientists in Texas. And in fact, the president of the Association became in 1998-2000.

But he did nutrition and biochemical research to expand his knowledge. This research has found extensive solutions to many diseases and conditions. Furthermore, this research prompted him to formulate his own nutritional system. Dr. Bob Marshall focuses essentially on natural and definitely non-toxic products.

Dr. Bob studies his studies into a larger space and, in addition, produced a radio program – the "Health Line". The program runs in Southern California on KRLA-AM-870 on weekends. With this program dr. Bob has made many revelations about new developments and health and nutrition information. In addition, in this radio show, people can also ask for their concerns and respond to them.

In addition to the radio program, he also authored several publications with other authors. In fact, he first developed an evaluation of computer nutrition and health habits. Dr. Marshall wrote the bestseller book "Fit for Life".

Dr. Marshall continues to find solutions to various health problems in his ongoing research. And yet he is actively involved in the International and American Association of Clinical Nutrition Sciences and the American Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Society. In addition, she is continuously conducting health and nutrition seminars in America.

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