Essential Oils – Ancient Oil is called Onycha – Great Wound Healer

Onycha (Styrax benzoin) is only once in the Bible:

The Lord said to Moses: Take sweet spices, pancakes, onycha and galbanum, sweet spices with pure incense and perfume the incense, pure and holy, and beat something out of dust, And put it before the covenant in the tent of meeting where I meet with you, it will be holy to you if you smoke it You do not make yourself for yourself because you regard it as holy to the Lord. Exodus 30: 34-36

Benzoin was used both as a medicine and as an incense in the ancient world. It is used in perfume and is mixed with holy lubricants and is used as an ointment to cure skin sores. However, since the 16th century it has been used as a tincture of respiratory complaints, cuts and skin conditions. To make tincture, place the oil on alcohol. Benzoin is a rather sticky substance with a characteristic vanilla-like scent. Oil comes from benzoin trees, which are up to 65 feet tall. These are tropical trees that come from places like Java, Sumatra and Malaysia. To achieve oil, use solvents and then remove from the oil.

How can Onycha (Styrax Benzoin) be healed today? Modern use of onycha (benzoin) includes the stimulation of renal failure, colic alleviation, diarrhea and constipation, and may help regulate blood sugar levels.

Onycha is inhaled for sinusitis, bronchitis, colds, cough and sore throat. It can be used for anti-inflammatory and dermatitis and skin injuries. This oil relieves stress when using a massage. As a nurse, tincture of benzoin was used for many times for wound dressing, and when the patients were breathtaking, I used the tape to stick to the skin.

Onycha can be inhaled, used in massage and can be used in topical dressings. Non-toxic, non-irritating oil, but some may be sensitive. Want to know more about this healing oil and more? Consider becoming certified aromatherapy. The courses of healing energy and aromatherapy help to understand how essential oils heal the body / soul / spirit. The Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy Institute offers courses in the United States.

Source by Linda Lee Smith

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