How to pinch your armor

Why would you want to pinch your armor? If you want to make sure that your skin's skin looks natural, you need to brown it even with tanning.

If you want to clean your armpits naturally, it would be best to have a day out in the open. Make a pool lounge, raise your arms and allow the sun to radiate ultraviolet rays on your underarm for about half an hour, depending on the intensity of the sun rays

This is the natural method of the road Tropical climate, almost constant With sunny weather. But depending on your location, you can try alternative methods that are also very effective and fairly simple.

Self-tanning lotions

To use self-tanning cream, you should look the best in stores or on the internet. After you have completed the process that is right for you, you can start the process by following the steps before taking the body lotion:

  • Shavers your underarm before application.
  • Thoroughly exfoliate your underarm several days before application
  • Use an effective moisturizer daily a week before application

You want to loosen and moisturize your underarms to get rid of any dead skin cells that prevent the tanning fluid from absorbing your skin. You have taken these steps, you can start applying the fluid to the underarm. The whole process takes time and requires a lot of commitment and patience to use a safe indoor tanning technique. Hold the self-tanning fluid on your armpit for several days until the desired results are displayed.

Bronzer or Airbrush

This indoor technique generally requires you to be in the vicinity of the solarium. Most salons can use a bronze that gives instant instruction to any part of your body. Or you can choose to use a balloon, which is good if you want to teach the whole body. In this case, because you are only interested in concluding the underarm, you can choose a technique.

The air cushion technique basically works by a technician spraying the tanning solution for a specific part of the body. You can lift your arms and hit your armor immediately without a lot of effort or pain – unlike what is today exposed to natural sunlight.

The Solarium

The ultimate technique that we discuss is the solarium. To flush your armor on a tanning bed, you must lie down with your arms up or down on the tanning bed. Adjust the intensity and stay in bed for about 20 minutes until you find the desired color. One of the disadvantages of this method is that most of your body will become tanned, you want. The solarium beds vary intensity, and it is important to use only a tanning bed for use with tanning beds.

There are three options available for natural tanning and tanning of gloves. Take the appropriate precautions for each procedure and enjoy the benefits of browning naturally or indoors responsibly.

Source by David Broadhead, Ph.D.

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