Lima, Peru's best hospitals

Lima is the capital of the southwestern Peru (located in the northwestern region of the continent). The city is located in a valley created by several rivers on a deserted beach while overlooking the mighty ocean. Peru is attracting a large number of tourists with tropical forests in the Amazon basin, deserted plains and high mountain peaks in the Andes. Lima has several private clinics offering high quality services and treatments.

Javier Prado Hospital has served the city since 19459004 since February 1965. The hospital is at Ave. Javier Prade Este 499, San Isidro and the hospital phone number 211-4141. It has ISO 9001 accreditation so you can expect good and reliable services at the hospital. In addition, there are 45 medical specialists and other facilities (eg Emergency Care, Intensive Care, Inpatient Care and Operating Rooms). Hospital infrastructure is also modern.

The National Hospital Arzobispo Loayza Hospital was founded by Peruvian first archbishop in the 16th century. The hospital has been designed to provide health care for disadvantaged people; In the case of limited resources, this hospital is a good opportunity to get medical help. The hospital was modernized in the early 1900's and is currently the country's largest hospitals. Get patients from all over Peru for treatment and diagnosis. The hospital has a beautiful environment with modern infrastructure and continues research in various medical fields. The Stella Maris Clinic is led by a congregation of missionaries of the Holy Sacrament of Jesus. It started operations in 1938. The clinic also offers child and maternal care and surgical interventions, such as heart and brain function, kidney transplantation, and others. The hospital's medical and paramedical staff are highly qualified, the infrastructure is modern, and the hospital has a 24-hour emergency room.

Clinica El Golf is a private hospital; This group operates a number of clinics across the country. There are skilled doctors and nurses in this hospital, many of whom have been trained in the United States and the United Kingdom. The clinic has been provided with diagnostic tools, obstetrics and state of the art medical equipment, offering nearly 130 specialties for outpatient care. Additional hospital services include 24-hour emergency services, intensive care units and advanced heartburns. The title of the clinic was Ave. Aurelio Miro Quesada 1030, San Isidro

Dr. José Álvarez Blas was established in August 1991 by a group of doctors at the St. Paul Clinic . The hospital was originally set up with the aim of providing specialized cardiology care; Other medical treatments are available at the hospital. The hospital is one of the country's best private hospitals, with six centers located in Lima. This hospital offers high quality services at a reasonable price. The hospital is available at 610-3222.

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