Love of Love – Apathia and How It Turns Back

Relations with marriage usually begin with great love and romance. It's so wonderful that people want more and more, but as soon as they want more, they disappeared, because you can not find happiness. This is a byproduct of the gift

When people want more and more, it will be like shopping in the supermarket. Soon they want less and the connection becomes necessary. Each one requires more and gives less. Finally, one or the other's claim is hurt, which prevents man from being distant and apathetic.

So energy can move outward to move inward so that it does not go anywhere as the relationship moves From love to apathy. These three stages are equivalent to the transition from warm to cold, to lukewarm.

There is a formula that returns this intense romance. This formula is to trigger the necessity but to prevent all the hurt and jealous feelings .

This can be used to make contact necessary or even distant and apathetic. Here, one pair must move in the direction of independence, but it does not cause pain or jealousy . It is important that we only raise interest, which is apatically directed attention. This outward directed attention will be love until the hurt and jealous feelings are triggered. For example, he married a couple of forty years and the wife decided that she was long enough. He picked up a shopping list of everything he was wrong about marrying and decided to go out. Both of them strongly believed in one marriage, and not against wedding vows or marriage, and therefore no cause for concern. Nevertheless, the husband was very upset about the unbundling. This man really enjoyed dancing, so I suggested asking his alienated wife if he treats you when joining a dance group to a group of people who went to different places every week to socialize and dance. She really did not need her permission because she had decided to leave her, but she was very important to tell her that she was okay because granting permission would reduce or eliminate jealousy and anger. She explained to her that she felt lonely for the human society and agreed to continue her new interest.

Because he accepted the agreement, he did not feel really painful, jealous or angry. He often asked him to come. She was very loving and friendly, and she was convinced of the dances that no woman was left out. If no lady was asked to dance, she would certainly ask her. One night, his wife finally agreed to dance with him. He watched with astonishment as a woman asked him for a dance after another and told him how lucky he was. His interest soon returned. It was many years ago, and today they live together as a very happy couple. This approach was partly taught by a dream because of a very challenging therapeutic situation that will soon be divorced. In the middle of the 1970s, during sleep, I was informed that the situation would be solved because it would prove if the Gunas were written in the Gita: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. The highest level fell, then Rajas and then Tamás. I know Sattva with love, or the energy flows out; They need or have a desire for rays or the energy flowing into them; And Tamás does not go to apathy or any energy. There are also biblical references to this. Christ has relied on the fact that he likes hot or cold people, but he is definitely not lukewarm. Tamás is the lowest among the three Guna. I'm referring to the abbey or the langy.

In Gita, it is claimed that the journey from Tamas to Sattva sometimes is via Rajas or in English, from the path of apathy to love Sometimes it is necessary. So I realized that from apathy people can change love to change the necessity of a person, but they can prevent the hurt and jealous feelings . It is possible to reach the farthest, apathetic link needs but to prevent the hurt and jealous feeling and thereby trigger intense feelings of love and romance.

Perhaps this formula is used by the Lord in Revelation's books and in many places in the Old Testament. When humans are utterly devastated and bloodthirsty, fantasizing horrors are afraid of losing their life (necessity) and turning their attention to God (directed towards energy); And as they think about it, they need to be treated with love and recognition.

This mode of treatment requires much more explanation than this in this book, but has saved many marriages. Another example is a sixty-year-old librarian who married a man to half a dozen organizations And many of them were presiding. He could go to the meetings, but he felt ignored and left his life. I suggested it become more independent, go to places and work on its own; But you have to tell him that he really did make sure he was the first person in his life and he was with him. There are many social clubs, such as dance clubs, bird watching groups, book clubs, etc. And he could ask you to think about joining one. I told her that she had all the questions asked in advance: "Do not mind if …" and this would be an interest, but not jealousy. I also suggested that you think about it for a few weeks and put it in your own words. The next morning, as he gazed at the newspaper and drank a cup of coffee, he said, "Bill, would it be okay if I had a relationship with you? He took his coffee all the way to the front but he took a tropical vacation next week In the Bahamas

He said, "You did not pay attention to me, so I'm going to have a case," he would hurt, jealousy and anger, and the result would be exactly the opposite. This is not a recommendation for the behavior of the risk This extreme example serves to illustrate this inconceivable flow of love energy And the vigorous dynamics of the transfiguration of a lanky man causes necessity but prevents the hurt and jealous feelings and thereby the love To the great feelings of love. Any movement towards independence can serve the same purpose.

[1945900] 2] Sigmund Freud Ego and Id wrote that the effectiveness of future therapy depends primarily on the mobilization of energy. It Mobilizes Energy

If you understand the flow of love energy, you can actually redirect it. To help people recover from a serious illness, get that person to help someone or help others with the same illness. One of my AIDS patients experienced a significant improvement in her condition when she began to give advice in the dying hospital. Bring the patient's energy out, keep the patients alive, and encourage people's spiritual practice. Here, you may need to redirect man to the "Give me, give me, give me" prayers to "love you, I love you, love you" type of prayer.

Fear is the opposite of love, And that's the opposite. It focuses attention and energy on me. He depicts himself well, knowing and trusting the disease-free body, and making the rest of them restored – perhaps from similar problems – far more productive. It is important to heal to avoid hatred, bitterness, retaliation, and concern, and focus more on love, care, and more for others. The maximum improvement is achieved through the expression of devotional love and recognition. All this increases vitality, healing energy and the recovery process.

With further investigation, this energy of love continues to follow precise laws that are similar to other laws of physics and quantum. From today's medical studies, however, the analysis of the energy of love is the most profitable and productive. This is the love energy I hope to spend most of the rest of my life. Probably this is the most important factor for healing and longevity, as Hans Selye has discovered the stress and is as invisible as the stress of the early 20th century.

Conscious of its absolute importance in the bull's eyes and guiding its love for God. This really increases the flow of love energy because we do not refrain from fear of rejection. Let's begin to imitate love on its source and begin to experience many blessings that further increase our love. The great commandment – to love God with all our hearts, all our minds and souls – is the commandment of grace and compassion, for nothing is nourishing more joy and blessing.

Source by Dr. Clancy McKenzie

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