Luxury Hot / Cold Eye Mask By Karmick - Lavender Eye Pillow Relieves Headache, Insomnia and Stress - Great for Sleep, Sinus Relief and Allergies- Sleeping Mask Blocks Out Light Completely - Made in U.S.A.

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Manufacturer Description

Experience Luxury Sleep with Karmick Hot and Cold Eye Mask. Customers Report Most Calming and Relaxing Eye Mask Upon First Use!

You Won't Find a Higher Quality, Most Relaxing, Versatile and Effective Eye Mask On The Market

Our Eye Pillow Will Provide You With The Following Benefits:

• Proven to calm nerves with Lavender scent which helps alleviate daily stress and help drift to sleep.
• Hot and Cold properties stimulates the skin around the eyes to reduce pain, swelling without the ice shocks
• Blocks out light completely and conforms to face for better sleep
• Diminishes the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes
• Cold Therapy reduces headaches, migraines and swelling
• Hot Therapy will relieve allergies, sinus pain, and dry eyes
• Best spa like aromatherapy at home or on travel
• Great for meditation and yoga classes
• Great for Men, Women, and Children
• All natural and organic ingredients such as organic flax seed and French lavender flowers
• Luxurious Satin handcrafted and sealed individually for freshness
• Designed and Manufactured in USA

Our Eye Mask Contains All Natural Organic Ingredients and Handcrafted Individually For Superior Quality

Beware of Cheap Quality Eye Mask Here on Amazon That Only Result in Disappointment!

Karmick Eye Mask Only Uses High Quality Lavender Flowers that is used in Ayurveda medicines for over 2000 years by Hindus to promote relaxation and control moods

The Karmick Eye Mask Will Give You Dramatic Results and The Sleep You Deserve.

We apologize if we're sold out. Due to popular demand, we tend to run out of inventory fast.

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Product Features

USE IT AS HOT AND COLD EYE MASK. For maximum pain management and stress relief. Helps with migraine, headaches and sinus headache. Great sleeping aid to help sleep better without medication. NATURAL AND ORGANIC LAVENDER EYE PILLOW TO HELP RELAX. Aromatherapy at home with luxurious silky satin pillows. High quality Organic Flax Seeds and French Lavender for added comfort and calm. BLOCKS OUT LIGHT COMPLETELY. Conforms to your face and eyes. No light can peak through for ultimate tranquility and best sleeping experience COOLING EYE MASK WITHOUT ICE SHOCKS. Use it as cold packs or heat packs for sore muscles or aches. Use cold therapy for dark circles under eyes, puffy eyes and induce sleep. Best for children when they are hurt or sick. MICROWAVE AND FREEZER SAFE. Microwave for 30 seconds to relieve Sinus Pain, Dry Eyes - Freeze it few hours to soothe sensitivity to light, under eye wrinkles and dark circles. KEEP CALM AND SAVE 20% WHEN YOU BUY 2 OR MORE KARMICK LAVENDER EYE MASK. ENTER CODE " KARMCK20 " AT CHECKOUT.

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