Sannysis Nail Stamping Printing Plate Manicure Nail Art Decor Image Stamps Plate

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Material: Stainless steel

There is a blue protective film,you are supposed to take it off

The plate is reusable, so you can use the designs as many times as you want

Package include:
1 X Nail Stamping

How do we use this(My best advice is to YouTube it):

1- Simple repair, clean nails, can be coated with base oil or light oil to enhance the coloring power of nail surface, let it completely dry before painting

2- Remove the print head with cotton dipped in nail polish remover scrub pad a few times, so that was a fuzzy-like plastic head, otherwise it will not transfer the pattern

3- Select the plate, stencil designs, coated with a little colored nail polish, painted in oil on to choose a good pattern,then scrape with a spatula from the inside out on the pattern of excess oil painting,note that only scratch once the best, do not scratch back and forth, just scrape in one direction

4- The slit pattern have residual nail polish, nail polish does not take advantage of the dry, the seals and stamps bonnet push hard on the pattern,the pattern is transferred to the printing head, quickly transfer the pattern onto your nail designated site.NOTE: Primer dries to wait printed after the above, the pattern after dry, then coated with light oil

5-Repeat on other nails

6-Little embellishment (flower core, the eyes of animals on the pattern and other.Where do you think need embellishment glitter or diamond point).Finally rub on light oil saver to avoid scraping or fade

7-Use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to clean steel blade and print head

Product Features

Gender:Women;Material: Stainless steel;Commodity size:14.5*10.5cm;Weight:50g There is a blue protective film,you are supposed to take it off, it is a protective sheet; You will get the one shown,there is only one sheet but it has 42 images, depending on where you place the rubber stamp you can end up with even more designs; you can use gel polish with this The plate is reusable, so you can use the designs as many times as you want, just clean the plate off with nail polish remover in between uses;The stamper have to be a rubber one, they are all made out of rubber for the design to pick up and stick it has to be one How do we use this:The plate is carved metal, you put nail polish on the design you want and then scrape the excess off with an old credit card, then you transfer the paint to a rubber dobber like pad, then you're ready to stamp the design on your nail; How do you clean the polish off:You can just use nail polish remover Due to the special nature of the product material, in transit may be scratched or damaged, if you receive the product in question, please contact us by e-mail, after we confirm the problem will make up your loss; if more than the estimated income date not received item, please contact us and we will solve the problem to protect your interests,thank you for your supporting

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