Self Esteem and Teens

According to Young Minds in an average high school 1000 students of 100 self-injured 16,100 years old will be suffering from mental health problems and experiencing significant stress, 50 students will be severely depressed 20 Students obsessive compulsive disorder 5 -10 are likely to commit suicide. These statistics are rather frightening and highlight the fact that our modern age is under increasing pressure in our teens, their mental health and self-esteem affect their appreciation. In fact, according to a recent Unicef ​​study, teenagers in the United Kingdom were the worst emotional health among high-income countries in Europe. The essence of self-esteem is how much the people value themselves, the pride they feel and what they feel. Self-esteem is important because good feeling can influence the way you act in itself. A high self-esteeming adolescent is friendly, more easily guided by his behavior, and will be able to enjoy life.

Low self-esteem tends to believe in themselves And will not be able to appreciate their talents and abilities, to praise because they talk negatively about themselves. They often feel they do not like it or want it. School, parents' daily pressure, and access to the right crowd combined with changing bodies can be a big challenge for teenagers and easy to see Why they spit out the temptations of drink, smoking, drugs, and sex before they fully understand what they are doing. The body image is a major concern for teenagers who feel that perfectly combed and faulty faces and bodies are faced with media images. It is easy to see that about 10% of teenagers have anorexia or bulimia or visceral appetite (Consensus, 2010). Many teens feel that they do not really look when they compare themselves to actors and models. The body image is closely related to self-esteem as they are more concerned with how others see them. It is very difficult for teenagers to help avoid the "ideals" of other people when the media encompasses the cult of celebrity. The press daily publishes a wide variety of people around the audience and contradictory articles about how to watch. Celebrities are accused of being too greasy, too thin, too blasphemous and promiscuous – the list goes on. As adults, they are less sensitive to the celebrity that characterizes our personality – we understand that some people "play" certain images. We understand the high payment packages they are looking for in exchange for maintaining this public image. Likewise, we have learned that life is less stressful after we begin to accept that we are and do not try to emulate others.

Talk to your teenager. Help them understand the importance of being individual in today's society. Some people question this – it is difficult for them to recognize their own strengths if they are not "norms". However, this is a challenge. Ask them to describe things they are respected and have chances; The people who are considered to be their role models can not behave in ways that respect them. Having drew attention to this difference for the teenager, they can better understand the role played by the media in society and the fact that their decision can not follow. There is a difference between enjoying these celebrity-focused articles for easy reading and following it as being a strict guideline for behavior.

Ensure the strengths of the teenager and help them to be self-confident. As it becomes more and more popular, the more relaxed approach to life must be remarkable. If you need some idea to try to help make teenagers safer – try these confidence boosters for teenagers.

10 Confidence Reinforcement for Teens:

1. Stand Tall – When walking down the street, keep in mind that it is high and takes a deep breath. Imagine being breathing confidentially!

2. Smile – If this is the last thing you feel you smile. Try to look for small things, to smile against strangers. Only the smile of the smile emits the endorphins into the blood stream.

3. Greeting – Every time someone gives you a compliment, accept them kindly and really possess the compliment, not ignore or laugh.

4. Log – Keep a log and try to remember all the success. Celebrate and reward your successes.

5. Friends – Circle with positive and confident people who feel good. Do activities that make you go out of nature and practice. You might want to create a "dream team" – a group of people who support and motivate you and share your dreams and wishes. Share your ideas and dreams and take action to make them a reality

6. Mirror – Look into a mirror and say, "I love you." Remind yourself of what makes you special. It's difficult to start, but time becomes easier.

7. Results – Make a book about your achievements, talents, and attributes. List all of your successes and things you are proud of. List all the things that carry the special person with you and include all the things you did and the happiness of others. You may have a book placed and referred to when you feel low.

8. Conversation – As much as possible, talk to yourself in a kind and positive way. If you notice that you are talking negatively about stops, try to stop it and change it immediately.

9. Confirmations – Every day, repeat a positive statement or confirmation. You can say, "I'm positive and all that's doing well" or "I'm special and I'm making a difference." It may make the day a positive, happy, confident, joyful or special daytime topic and can do things that make you feel that way. Here are some ideas: I am alone, I am special, I think of everything that makes me special, I choose ideas that I felt good, I deserve to be good in my life, I love the fact that I am no different, I'm not afraid to be strange, I'm not afraid to be strange, I know I loved and honored, I love and respect myself, I believe in myself, I know I make a difference between them I feel good. I believe in myself. I believe in myself I believe in myself, I am confident, I have positive thoughts, I am proud of the things I have achieved. Congratulations to myself. I love myself, I am unique and wonderful, I love and accept myself, I love and accept myself. "

10. Relaxation and Visualization – Relaxation is a great way to feel better because it helps to feel good and to deal with emotions and emotions. Close your eyes and imagine being in front of a mirror. (19459003)

Here's a relaxation exercise in practice:

Sit comfortably in the living room and relax in your living room and relax. Move your feet firmly to the ground, move the body to make it comfortable. "Close your eyes and put your hands on your lap, feel calm and calm, take a deep breath and breathe out completely while there You sit, feel relaxed and relaxed. Own private tropical island Feel the warmth of the sun on your body as you sit on a warm sand

Listen to the gentle voice of lazy waves on the beach Note that the crystal is turquoise water. A few moments when the waves move over the sand, observe the rhythmic movement of the waves, feel the tension to melt while the waves move over the sand, observe the sun shine on the water, observe the glittering water, breathe the Refreshing salt in the air, breathe deep breath and breathe gently.

Breathe in, breathe in, calm down and rest while breathing in. Notice how you feel about this calm island and. You are away from everyday stresses and problems. Spend some time enjoying the worry and tension. Feel the warm day on your shoulder and feel the warm breeze on your face and your dad. Feel the sand between your fingers and your toes. Just relax and breathe. She feels calm, calm and steady. As you sit there, the beauty around you absorbs yourself. You notice that the palm trees are cautiously falling in the wind. It focuses on colorful birds and wildlife. So soft and quiet as you enjoy your private tropical island. As you sit here, note all the things you will do to help control your life.

List a list of activities that you think will help you become more relaxed and targeted. Make a list of the three things you will promise to help you stay stress-free and happy to stay. Spend a few moments on the tropical island of peace and silence and plan to keep this peace and quiet in your life.

Focus on what you need to do to stress-free your life.

Source by Marneta Viegas

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