Treat Goldfish Growth with Green Water

Goldsmith's hobbyists turn to green water because of the benefits of the natural ecosystems of the tanks. Green water using more severe goldfish can deliberately influence the development and expansion of fish. While a really good strategy should be carefully observed until strong green algae are formed in the container.

The impact of green water on goldfish

Holding goldfish trying to handle the growth rate of fish is one of the strongest means of green water. If the tank fills large green water, the fish are more relaxed and less energetic. This, in turn, sees the protein from their diets directed to the wen, which helped the cultivation cycle. If the goldfish keeper intends to control growth or to stimulate other growth areas, they simply need to dilute the algae and the fish again become more active and the protein will increase body weight and size.

If your plan is to cultivate green algae in the container, you'll have to note that it will take time and try and make a mistake to create the correct formula Green water supply. The first problem is that green algae can grow too fast. This causes the tank to become too dark, causing behavioral errors in the fish. You can handle the vast amount of algae by controlling the amount of light emitted by the tank. Containers that are constantly exposed to light produce algae that will soon fill the entire container. According to experts, recommended lighting is 8 to 12 hours a day for a green water tank. However, some hobbies have been successful in reducing the lighting for 5 hours a day.

If the tank overloads with algae, there is no alternative to changing water. Experts recommend that this is only necessary if the tank becomes so confused that it does not see the fish from the top. As algae reproduce too high a population, they must be compensated by 90% water change. Although it is above the population, it is important to leave a minimum amount of algae to facilitate the restarting of the organisms required.

In addition to green algae, there are other forms of algae that can be grown under the same conditions, but they do not have the benefit of goldfish. Most commonly blue-green algae, this is difficult because they are not algae; It is a bacterium that appears as a blue slim coating in the container. It will grow on the glass, pebbles, rocks or any plant life in the container. The only way to get rid of the goldfish tank from the bacteria, thorough cleaning and water replacement.

A good combination of green water and natural water is the best way to regulate and maintain the healthy growth of goldfish. A high concentration of algae results in greater water and other visible fishes than fish. By reducing green algae in water, fish will become more active and will produce longer and higher body mass. Keep in mind, however, that when using a green water tank, you should always pay attention to the growth of harmful algae types and monitor the lamp in the container to regulate the sudden growth of algae growth.

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Two energetic hobbies for physical, mental emotional wellbeing

People enjoy active life, whether it's from the back yard or from the snow on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It's interesting, whether you are alone or with other people, and keeps your body healthy. So what are the two energetic hobbies that favor your physical and emotional well-being? Sports is great for training, competition and socialization, whether it is a great teamwork or rugby or netball or individual sport, such as tennis Or squash. You can choose from a variety of sports as you see the summer and winter olympic games. You can narrow your choices with the options available and, of course, for the big team or the more specific type of interest. For example, take the golf. You can play this competition yourself or join others and participate in a team, for example. Four players. Great sport in the open and fresh air with 18 holes, a friendship, and then social chat in the clubrooms. You can also enjoy the many golf courses in the world. Nothing resembles a tropical golf game under the sun!

2. : :

How is the dance class played by a sudoku? This can exercise your body in two ways. The first exercises your muscles and helps you exercise, the second is your brain and helps your mind. Training is important as part of general health and emotional wellbeing.

People feel good after exercise and help with overall energy levels. There are many ways to practice home work, walk or run blocks, weights and aerobics in the gym and in any form of dance and sport.

People also feel awesome and power when they finish the puzzle like sudoku. There are other different ways that encourage the mind, including memory games with children. It's great to relax in the tub or in the bed as a puzzle or as an alternative to reading a novel. And what's better than a physical exercise followed by a mental training session?

So here, the choice is yours. All you have to do is decide on the sport, stick to it, and perform the brain play for the benefit of your mind.

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Dengue fever is a major symptom you should know

Dengue fever is a serious mosquito repellent that occurs primarily in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, especially in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. Some of the mild symptoms of dengue include fever, rash, muscle and joint pain. If you experience the above mentioned symptoms and symptoms, it is highly recommended that the earliest checks are made.

What Dengue Symptoms Are?

Dengue symptoms begin with children and adults about three to fifteen days after the mosquito bite transmitted the virus to the body. Some Initial Symptoms:

  • Joint pain,
  • Fever and chills, which include – they both vibrate and sweat simultaneously
  • Rash (itching) or red spots,
  • Swollen lymph nodes,
  • Back pain or pain behind his eyes

In some cases, if the situation is deteriorating, it may be life-threatening. In this condition the vessels are damaged and leaking. The number of blood clotting cells known as platelets in blood clots is also greatly reduced. Of the serious symptoms of dengue, both children and adults …

  • Hemorrhagic fever,
  • Long-lasting vomiting,
  • Small Bleeding from the Tummy And Nose
  • Severe abdominal pain,
  • Bleeding under the skin that looks like bruising,
  • Liver, heart and lung problems,
  • Rashes may occur in the palm and leg can cause bacterial infections
  • Blood pressure can be seriously reduced

Dengue Causes Symptoms of dengue occur when a person dies of a specific type of infected mosquito called Aedes Aegypti. The virus is derived from mosquitoes

Some of the complications of dengue fever – dehydration, low blood pressure, slow heart rate, severe liver and neurological damage. What are the risk factors for dengue risk?

Some common risk factors for dengue fever

  • Travel to tropical or endemic areas where dengue is a very common disease. Increases the risk of exposure to the virus that may cause dengue fever
  • If a man was repeatedly bitten by an infected mosquito.
  • No precautions to avoid mosquito bites

What diagnostic and treatment options are available for dengue? In order to diagnose dengue fever, patients should first consult the physician's medical and travel history. The most common blood test: Full blood count, in which the technician examines red blood cell count (RBC), white blood cell count (RBC) and platelet count of the patient. Other studies depend on the patient's immunogenic response to the dengue virus, such as Dengue virus plaque suppression test, IgG ELISA, etc.

During treatment, many fluids should be taken to avoid dehydration. Your doctor may order Acetaminophen (a type of medicine) that helps relieve pain and relieve fever. Home remedies can pick papaya leaf extracts that are extremely useful in increasing the platelet count.

What precautions should you choose? The two important preventive tips that help reduce the risk of mosquito alarm – wear fully covered clothing while traveling and use a mosquito repellent that contains at least 10 percent DEET concentration.

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Information on tropical fish red-tailed snake species

The Menpachi's wetland marshes are mostly red tropical reef fish in the underwater caves during the daytime, after dusk they can hunt in shallow waters reefs.The crabs , Invertebrates, zooplankton and small fish. Since they are mainly active at night, their big eyes are important as nightlife. The Menpachian fish are good to eat and are often hunted by spearmint fishermen. It's not a big fish, usually no more than 12 inches long. While edible, other species of wild birds are generally not used for eating, as they are generally small. Rough weights and spikes are sharp.

Hawaii are squirrelfish squirrelfish red with multiple stripes or stripes of silver stripes. The name of this fish is often seen without the apostolate as alaihi. It is often the subject of paintings and posters because it is an attractive, colorful fish.

In Hawaii waters, various species of wild boar are found on the United States coast from North Carolina to Florida. Bermuda, the Gulf of Mexico, West India and the Caribbean, and South America in South America are located in Brazil, South America, in the warm coastal waters. As for the aquarium It is possible, but it is imperative to be in a large container (all of which have more than 70 gallons of water the best), they have enough space (for example between rocks and other types of gaps). Because night-time fish that avoids light and nightlife, it keeps the lights low and nourishes them in the schedule they are used to (night, dark or very low light). Shrimp (live food shrimp or freeze-dried), canned, chopped sea meat and certain worms can be fed. Aquariums Squirrelfish generally does not grow as large as those living in their natural habitat, aquarium squirrelfish is usually about 5 inches in length where wild species were known to be up to 24 inches long (Eg The Holocentrus spinifer, the Pacific squirrelfish) .

Nature has a built-in defense system for the Squirrel. This is their ability to vibrate sounds in their swim chamber. These noise warns of other endangerment and can be used to alert fish, which can only be a small threat to squirrels. The sounds range from twitching to twitching, where wrinkling can use more to alert small dangers to keep away and signal that clicking is more likely to cause the squirrel to pass.

Squirrelfishes Are in the Holocentridae family and in the Holocentrine subfamily. The name can be two words: squirrel fish. Genus Myripristis are similar soldiers.

There are many different species of squirrelfish with sampling: Crown, Dwarf, Grid, Saber, Spotfin, Threespot and Tinsel. Keywords can be a starting point for further research to find more information about squirrelfish and different species of wild boars.

The site is a great resource About the different types of fish and information about fish.

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The Ideal House

The House was the place of the collected and protected family from various disturbances that came from nature and from the disturbance of bad hands.

Because of that

Several Features of the Ideal House:

  • His atmosphere is enjoyable.
  • The exterior had the environment that beautiful
  • The clean kitchen part
  • The clean TOILET part

In the House, the values ​​of the family and humanity were invested in a way for generations to the individual.

As the main means of a family, the existence of the house must become the main focus.

  1. The house interior must be sufficient to be available for the parents, the child and the guest. For the tropical area, better the attic was rather high, so the volume of air in the room was enough. Air ventilation must be good, so room information must be sufficient.
  2. The exterior of the house in order to have the area of ​​the yard that was enough to be able to be planted the reforestation crop, the fruit, the vegetables and the flower. The environment could not be dirtiest pollution. Was available water facilities, electricity and continuation of the telephone. Had the road that could be passed through the car to head means the public's service as the market, the hospital, the school and the place of religious duties.
  3. The part or the kitchen of the processor of domestic food must meet the condition for the cleanliness. In this place food was processed. When the dirty kitchen, then food that was cooked dirty also and this was dangerous for the health of the member of this house of occupants' family.
  4. The condition for the four healthy houses was the existence of the clean TOILET

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In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of. "Poverty in Pakistan: Causes, Effects And Solutions

(Chinese Proverb)

Poverty in Pakistan is one of the most burning issues. As of 2010, "about 40 percent of the total population was living below the poverty line" (World Bank). It means more than one-third of the total population or in other words about 70 million out of 180 million people are living below the poverty line. The history shows that there was a declining rate of poverty in the 1970s and 1980s. However, from 1990s until today, the poverty is in increasing trend. This phenomenon has been called POVERTY BOMB.

The main reasons for poverty in Pakistan are the destabilizing of democracy, unbridled corruption, fast growing population, sorry state of education, ineffective management of natural resources, feudalism, uncontrolled inflation etc. In addition to these national factors there are some international factors that have added fuel to the fire. Like global financial crisis, world food crisis etc

"Poverty is like punishment for a crime you did not commit". (Eli Khamarov)


1. Child Labor


The first and most immediate Effects of Poverty in the Pakistani Society is that People will not send their children to Schools. As we know that "CHILD IS THE FATHER OF TOMORROW", if our child wasted in this way then not only our Society but Country will face problems in the future. Today in Pakistan there are about 4 million children in the age group of 5-14 years working.

This is the poverty that forces them to work in the formative years at very risky places ie. Underground mines, work with live electrical wires over 50 V, Cement industry, Tobacco process and manufacturing etc.

2. De-track from Moral and Religious values ​​

"No man can worship God or love his neighbor on an empty stomach." (Woodrow-T. Wilson)

From the above quotation we can very easily understand that what people are doing in the state of poverty. They did not care about the Moral or Religious value. What is good for them is what satisfies their needs and needs.

3. Crimes and Violence

Crime and violence is the direct impact of poverty in Pakistan. The most common form of human trafficking is for prostitution (violence), which is largely fueled by poverty. According to a survey, most of the poor men are violent on their wives for income purposes. They force their family members to earn something even by selling their bodies. Street crime is also the ultimate effect of poverty in Pakistan.

4. Health Problems

Poor people are suffering from so many diseases. They do not have enough resources for treatment. This is the reason that Pakistan is ranked 135th out of 194 countries in the Index of Life Expectancy at the time of Birth. In Pakistan the life Expectancy rate at the time of birth is very low i.e. 65 years. Whereas in Western countries it is 80+ years i.e. Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Switzerland, Iceland etc.

5. Sub-standard lives

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The honey's benefits and what is the wild forest black honey?

Honey is a natural disinfectant that effectively cures wounds when bacteria are killed by wounds. In addition to bacteria, honey also attracts body fluids and nutrients to the wound area, which can accelerate healing. Honey has become popular for thousands of years due to its special nutritional content. It is a natural disinfectant that effectively cures wounds when bacteria are killed by wounds. It contains glucose and fructose consisting of 8 essential amino acids, 20 minerals, 20 vitamins and enzymes that are absorbed by the body.

Research has shown that honey improves chronic bronchitis, asthma, sinus problems And allergies

1. Honey was used to fight depression, fatigue, insomnia, neurological disorders, urinary retention, seizures, headaches and hypertension

. Honey exfoliates and soothes the skin, cleanses the skin's healthy disorders

. Honey accelerates the healing of wounds

4. Honey promotes digestion and assimilation of other foods

. Honey exfoliates, soothing, anti-toxic and antiseptic

6. Honey is effective against anemia

Honey is a good substitute for sugar during daily consumption of beverages and foods. In addition, it is effective in treating many medical illnesses. Honey contains sugars such as glucose and fructose, minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium chloride, sulfur, iron and phosphate. It contains vitamins B1, B2, C, B6, B5 and B3, which contain small amounts of copper, iodine and zinc.

Black wild honey is collected from dense tropical rainforests on the "Titiwangsa" hill Among the various honey varieties collected Giant B selects only the best of pure black wild honey for our valuable customers: black wild honey from flowering nectar, pollen and other Natural extracts. It has an excellent nutrition profile rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes, since no intervention, contamination or contamination of any human activity falls, pure honey consists of two main sugars, fructose and glucose. Monosaccharides or simple sugars These sugars are able to absorb without digestion from the human body Pure honey is a natural preservative and can be permanently preserved

These major studies have demonstrated that pure honey is a medicinal value and effect. Since the beginning of human civilization, since dating to the Egyptian period, there have been memories of honey being used for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes.

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Turtles Types – The Three Most Important Categories of Turtles

Turtles can add great pets and greetings to their homes if they are handled correctly. In order to properly take care of these creatures who understand the type of different turtles, it is very beneficial. Turtles are kept exotic, and most people underestimate the care and routine maintenance measures that play a role in the preservation of pets.

There are many different species, and each has a sub-species. Knowledge about the different species lasts for months, but there are ways to break the turtle types to make them more manageable. In the broad sense, turtles can be classified into three categories: turtles, turtles and sea turtles. These three turtle types have very different lifestyles and requirements.


About these animals people are thinking of different types of examples. Some people think of a small turtle box when they were kids, while some are thinking of the majestic sea turtles that pass through the oceans around the tropical islands. Both types of turtle live but a very different life

The turtle is defined as a semi-aquatic animal, which means that part of his life is spent in the water and in some of his life on the ground. Most turtle species spend most of their time in the water and mainly come to sunburn, which emits a large amount of vitamin D3. A good example of semi-aquatic experiences: the painted turtle and the red-eyed slider. For domestic animals, these turtles have more water than their surroundings. A small portion of their tank will be devoted to the turtle to pour under the UV lamp. This provides vitamin D3 and elevates elevated body temperature


Turtles are landlords, so they spend most of their time on the ground. This is as good as these turtles are very informal swimmers. This does not mean that they will not enter the shallow water from time to time, but if they turn upside down and fall under water, they can suffocate.

The most important example of a turtle is the box turtle. People who keep their boxed turtles as their pets are typically kept in a turtle feather feather, where weather and temperature allow. Only shallow water is provided for urination and drinking. The wild living conditions must be re-established for the sake of good health. Factors such as temperature, humidity, and some stimulation for turtles are needed for good health and development.

Sea turtles

time. Sea turtles live all over the world apart from the Arctic, where it is too cold to support the life of the sea turtle. The only time these turtles leave the ocean is to put eggs and then go back to the sea.

Sea turtles usually live in salt or salt waters. The remaining turtles in the water are called "water". They also come from freshwater varieties, but many people say that even a small sea salt on their freshwater tanks is much better for their health.

By understanding the three turtle types it's much easier to break the Alpha from there. All of the species have some tendencies and behaviors that tend to other types of turtles. For example, there are people who typically wear boring swimming turtles that are pretty graceful in the water. On the other hand, certain types of stained turtles spend more time on the ground than others. This is a good starting point for getting to know many turtles

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"Mercy" "Feminist Approach"

There are more female characters in the mercy of Tony Morrison, both slaves and whites who are misunderstood or under the status of most people. The first character we present to Florens, a young slave girl who heads for her mother and younger siblings, and then goes to Jacob, an English-Dutch merchant. Since the beginning, the young girl is not considered self-employed by her first owner, So sorry for a simple "why, of course I" I will send it to you immediately (26). You did not bother or shake the fact that you lose your seemingly healthy slave because it is a female and therefore not as much appreciated as the male slaves who are automatically stronger, smarter, and able to perform tasks. This story highlights the audience at a very early stage, showing the audience that this is the reality and the women really did not say their fate.

The story is too bad in the past The smith, who was not only in sexual intercourse but deep in love. When we send her to get the blacksmith to get her lover, she leaves a small boy. When he returns, he finds that the young boy is injured and blames Florens immediately, as he writes, "Your hand is at the back of your face … There are not so many fingers to touch where you have hurt." Although Florens is a part of his life for a long time , Immediately dismisses him when he finds that the boy is injured, placing the female again in front of the woman and giving him a higher value.

A native American woman, Lina, is also abusing a man's hand. The story that Lina looks back on a rather tragic past, but where feminism is most visible again for a lover. When presbyterians destroy my illness in the village, a lover keeps it and forces her to pass through the city, bruise, a very humiliating experience. She shows again how priceless women were and how Lina describes the wounds as if they were not Nothing but scary when she says, "Lina's swollen eyes calmed, her face, arms and legs cracked and barely noticeable." The novel describes how these injuries are just a small thing Had to suck and wait to disappear when in fact this woman suffered a lot of abuse. This is a topic that should never be relaxed, but in this novel it clearly points out that domestic violence against women can not be considered as a punishable crime and no longer considered.

Rebekka is a special case, as opposed to the other two women described above, she is not a servant but a lover who was ordered to be married to Jacob Vaarks as a wife. Because of the religious intolerance in England, Rebekka's family forces her to go to America and become the wife of a man she has never met before, so she can not be in love. In the future, there is nothing to say and it is only an answer to a question about women's values ​​as it was perfectly normal for women. Even when placing her on the boat to take her, she immediately becomes aware of the various sex treatments when she "is soon separated from the men … and leads to a dark place beside the animal stations." Women were treated at the same level as animals and never thought twice.

After a brief glimpse into the characters' life, it is important to get a little deeper into feminist criticism. In this view one of the most important concepts is "traditional gender roles" in which Lois Tyson describes it as "rational, strong, defensive and determining people, women emotional / irrational, weak, caring and humble". This is proved throughout the book as described above and these "traditional gender norms" are the main reasons for discrimination. Feminists have been fighting for centuries, and unfortunately these norms are so deeply involved in the minds of men that we see it not only in literature, but also in everyday life. Another important concept of understanding is the "patriarchal system" Tyson claims to "make continuous efforts to undermine women's self-confidence and conviction and point out the lack of these attributes as evidence that women are natural in their own right."

, So they are corrective, self-contained and humble. " In lantern terms, this concept only states that it is a man-dominated country in which men have a majority / higher power positions and therefore have the authority to literally "run" everything. Women are constantly responding to men, so men make the most decisions for us, which ignores many women's demands. This is again evident in the book, given that all men hold power positions and women are always humble to them, whether they are housework, sexual interactions, etc.

Patriarchal System Has a huge impact on this novel. Although feminism, as mentioned earlier, is not about malpractice, but rather emphasizes that this country is particularly manly dominant. The same is true in this story. Men are heads of households, most likely, and have more examples of infidelity for men and women slaves. It seems that women are just waiting to be blind when slaves become mixed with mixed children, so obviously their husbands have been created, and if a woman do the same, then the consequences would be enormous.

When Jacob Vaark gets a little money, he decides to build a separate house, even though he uses a lot of money for so many other things he really needs. Although Rebekka's wife, she does not even consult her to see what she feels about money. You have no say in this matter because he is responsible and what he says, his judgment is not valuable because he must be married. As mentioned earlier, their marriages were arranged, they repeatedly showed that if a man wanted this or that woman, women would think that they would have thought without seconds because men ran the show.

Morrison's novel is a very serious case of the patriarchal system in the worst case due to the timing, yet it does a very accurate job of scoring. The attitudes and behaviors of female characters are shaped by the system that they are always in a lower status than male characters. Their needs and needs are the second, or completely overlooked, because the more powerful ones are those who make every decision. The women depicted in the novel behave as if it were normal if their beliefs did not count in any way and, by presenting this kind of maltreatment, trigger people's eyes that something must be done to change it.

In all likelihood, mercy is not just about slaves, but for help. Although this type of discrimination is not so close to today's world (obviously because slavery has been abolished), it is still alive in today's culture. We are still living in a patriarchal system and women are still 10 times harder to fight for the same respect and positions than men. Grace is a great job to apply a feminist approach and there is much to learn when it takes time to read between lines.

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Arowana Care – Tip to Bring Out the Color in Arowana Red

Many times, arowana owners buy a young red arowana from the aquariums and raise them thinking that it guarantees that they are rich in red Scales will be developed. They can wait for a few years, and arowanasuk does not look red. The fact that if you bought a 1.5 or a Grade 2 arowana, you have a good chance not to grow up to the desired red color. These are only naming conventions and do not reflect the color of arowana.

There are only a bunch of naming convention for red arowanas. Probably super red arowanas, chili red or blood red arowanas could have met. Many farms create names based on their own brand, so there is no formal or official naming conventions or classifications.

Certain factors help to create red red arowana red. One is the exposure to sunlight. Unfortunately, most hobbyists keep the fish at home, and if the container was released for direct and direct sunlight, it would have been too much of a bullet in the tank. Another thing that increases the chances of Arowana's color as you want it to increase the consumption of carotenoid-containing foods.

Red arowana shrimp can often be fed because it contains carotenoids. Do not forget to remove your head because it contains sharp parts that can damage the fish. Another trick is that carotenoid-containing carrots feed on eating worms and feed the worms to the fish.

You can not guarantee the deep red arowana, but there are things you have the chance to get.

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