Ten Things You Need To Know About Betta Fish

1. Betta fish have developed excellent vision and therefore swim on top of the tank when they see a human hand leaping over to bring food

. The other name of Betta fish is Siamese fighting fish and its name is the same as when Greek letters mean letters, so there is something wrong with the name, and that is why it often sees the written beta which is the American method. Some say the name has something to do with the Greek letter, but actually comes from the ikan Bettah Thai word. The Betta fish in Thailand is known as pla-kad and lives in live water.

3. Because of the fantastic colors and other benefits of male betta fish, these are the most popular aquarium fish. Of course, this does not mean that they can only be placed in the tank and do not take care of them, they need a lot of care.

4. Betta fish originally comes from South East Asia, Thailand, Malaysia and China

. It grows to about 3 inches and has a relatively short life span of about 2 years, but some of them are up to 4 years old. It is known that some well-maintained aquariums have experienced some of the lifespan of more than 6 years

6. When the male betta fish is on an aggressive stage, it gets rid of. During flushing, it raises its gills and ribs to make it more self-assured than it is, and therefore looks more spectacular. This rash occurs during aggression and courtesy when attempting to impress a possible mating partner

. Some Asian countries have bred them to fight fighting. The betta-fish used in this way has shorter ribs than those commonly found in our aquariums on the western hemisphere. In fact, wild betts are very short, breeders who have developed longer, brightly colored flakes.

8. Betta's fish seems to keep jolly bubbles at the top of the aquarium; It's just his way of creating a nest. He flies fish when he makes the bubble in the wilderness so that when the woman is done, her tribal dance flashes rapidly to suffice to impress when she is so impressed that she flushed and fertilized the eggs. The perfect dad puts the eggs in his mouth and gently inserts them into the bubble. This is it; A "brief encounter" was interrupted. 9. 2 days after the laying of the eggs and safely deposited in the bubble, the man takes care of them completely when one of the baking falls from the nest, then puts them in their mouths and puts them back. The male beta, who cares for the eggs until hatching, after you decide not to ruin some young people, so to be perfect DAD (19459002). If she does not turn her tail off and quit as fast as possible, the man, like the female black widow spider, sees her partner, the male betta turns on the woman

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