The Dose and Things of Orchid Care

Recruits are often in the dark for growing orchids. I have prepared a small list of some important dossiers and should not be taken into account when they learn to grow orchids. This is not a exhaustive list, but I suggest that new growers use it to reveal the orchid's care requirements.

Do Do you think about the orchid's natural environment – a tropical forest? Sprinkle and then let dry the roots

NE underwater orchid

DO The moisture of the media regularly and with water. When they become acquainted with orchids, they care better than under water. You will soon know the specific orchid requirements in the given cultivation environment.

use orchid-specific fertilizer and follow the instructions of the product. Beware of signs of incorrect feeding

NE Let the plants become too cold

DO [19459007 Let the plants be too hot

Too much light

DO is the best light source for that orchid ; A little research may be needed. ] Talk to you if you like I suggest that listening and listening will be useful. You will be surprised how much you can tell your health from the color of your leaves to the roots of your body, how often flowers are.

grows plant in a windy place

DO giving the orchid a lot of air, it will not only help preserve Cold, but also helps the roots dry out Keep your orchids from home and wildlife. When treating orchids, there are already enough pests that need to be worried.

It can be done to prevent pests from eating.

NE Use improper media and do not use soil. ] DO The roots of orchids provide a perfect environment – the bark, moss and perlite are good. Like most things, your local kindergarten or garden center has the right media and should be able to advise you about the best ways of doing it, as well as other advice on how to treat orchids.

] NE Do your orchid too often.

DO Select a pot, Years or more are required.

DO They recall this old saying: "- be patient – even grow if you do not see – a year is blooming. NE Move your plant too many times

Best place to have it- this is Bright, Wherever you place it. Think about it first – If someone says that you are thinking about it, then you should think about it first – if you think that you are the one who wants to be the one who wants to be the one who is the one who wants to be the one who wants to go to the world, then you will be able to. "

To help grow orchids, grow faster or bloom. Use quality and proven fertilizers or food

When treating orchids, it is best to research the orchid and test the orchid cultivation with some time " Best Practices If so, you will know and experience (19459009)

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