Tiger Babies – Beginners Fish

Puntius Tetrazone

Max Size: 7.0cm / 2.8 inches

pH Range: 6.0 – 8.0

Temperature range: 20 to 26 ° C / 68-79 ° F

Tiger barbarian has long been one of the most popular and most watched aquarium fishes, And nowadays there are many different color morphomas available in the aquarium trade with the common tiger bar. These morphs include albino tigers, green tigers and golden tigers.

The Tiger Bar is from South East Asia, originating from Indonesia and Malaysia. They live on the Malay Peninsula on the island of Sumatra and on the island of Borneo. But the tiger bar is still found in many waters of the world, where people have voluntarily or unwittingly introduced it. Australia, Singapore, Suriname and Colombia

Tiger babies are suitable for novice aquariums where they are kept in the best schools. Tigers often use finals if they are kept in too small schools, but this is rarely a problem if they are held in large schools. Nevertheless, it is still advisable to avoid long-moving Finnish fish with tiger legs. The well-maintained aquarium has an average lifetime of 6 years. Tiger bars should preferably be kept in aquariums of less than 60 cm (24 inches). The aquarium needs to be hidden between plants, and there is plenty of room to swim. Rocks and driftwood will also be appreciated.

Tiger bars can be handled very easily until the water parameters are held within the range specified at the beginning of the article. Try to maintain the water temperature at the top of the recommended range, ideally 23 to 26 ° C (74-79 ° F). Everything is neglected and accepts almost all food and are happy to accept flakes. Try to change as much as possible at the tiger's thighs, even if the tiger spikes can only be kept and cultivated on the flakes nutrition.

Tiger spikes are easy to brew, and the biggest problem in general is A parents eat and fry eggs. They often revive in regular community aquariums, but it is rare that all baking survives in the community aquarium. Eggs are most often consumed before hatching. It's easy to have sex, because the female tiger bar is bigger and has a much thicker belly. Males have distinctive red nose, and above the black part of the rear flange there is a characteristic red line. The female dorsal flange is primarily black.

If you want to breed your tiger's breeds, propose a breeding aquarium with a kind of egg-protecting device that prevents the parents from eating eggs. The layers of common glass balls at the bottom of the tank are doing this job well. Fill the breeding aquarium with the main tank with water. Move a round woman to the tank and a man into the breeding tank. The next morning or at least in the morning, if they are in spawning condition, they will probably dig. If the fish were not born in the trees, we recommend trying another pair. Eggs are sticky, do not swim in fresh water, and generally have a little more than 1 millimeter (0.04 inches) long. The number of eggs generally varies between 300 and 500. Baking is approx. After 5 days it gives free swimming and freshly salted brine can be fed with shrimp. Baking is relatively fast growing and usually reaches sexual maturity within seven weeks when it is 2-3 centimeters (0.8 to 1.2 inches).

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