Treat Goldfish Growth with Green Water

Goldsmith's hobbyists turn to green water because of the benefits of the natural ecosystems of the tanks. Green water using more severe goldfish can deliberately influence the development and expansion of fish. While a really good strategy should be carefully observed until strong green algae are formed in the container.

The impact of green water on goldfish

Holding goldfish trying to handle the growth rate of fish is one of the strongest means of green water. If the tank fills large green water, the fish are more relaxed and less energetic. This, in turn, sees the protein from their diets directed to the wen, which helped the cultivation cycle. If the goldfish keeper intends to control growth or to stimulate other growth areas, they simply need to dilute the algae and the fish again become more active and the protein will increase body weight and size.

If your plan is to cultivate green algae in the container, you'll have to note that it will take time and try and make a mistake to create the correct formula Green water supply. The first problem is that green algae can grow too fast. This causes the tank to become too dark, causing behavioral errors in the fish. You can handle the vast amount of algae by controlling the amount of light emitted by the tank. Containers that are constantly exposed to light produce algae that will soon fill the entire container. According to experts, recommended lighting is 8 to 12 hours a day for a green water tank. However, some hobbies have been successful in reducing the lighting for 5 hours a day.

If the tank overloads with algae, there is no alternative to changing water. Experts recommend that this is only necessary if the tank becomes so confused that it does not see the fish from the top. As algae reproduce too high a population, they must be compensated by 90% water change. Although it is above the population, it is important to leave a minimum amount of algae to facilitate the restarting of the organisms required.

In addition to green algae, there are other forms of algae that can be grown under the same conditions, but they do not have the benefit of goldfish. Most commonly blue-green algae, this is difficult because they are not algae; It is a bacterium that appears as a blue slim coating in the container. It will grow on the glass, pebbles, rocks or any plant life in the container. The only way to get rid of the goldfish tank from the bacteria, thorough cleaning and water replacement.

A good combination of green water and natural water is the best way to regulate and maintain the healthy growth of goldfish. A high concentration of algae results in greater water and other visible fishes than fish. By reducing green algae in water, fish will become more active and will produce longer and higher body mass. Keep in mind, however, that when using a green water tank, you should always pay attention to the growth of harmful algae types and monitor the lamp in the container to regulate the sudden growth of algae growth.

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