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"Trichomonas herbal medicines are among the least effective home remedies."

Trich is short of trichomonas ]: A single-celled, four-pronged protozoal parasite, which is diagnosed with five million new trichosomes per year in the United States of America Trich usually appears in female vagina, intestines and rectum without causing problems Trich pH is sensitive When the vagina is alkalized, It is difficult to diagnose the trichus infection or overgrowth (without microscopy) and even harder to kill (without poisons).

Trich is a STD and can be intimately linked to. Sex is not necessary; Dry trichus lives in wet, warm places such as toilet seats, towels, underwear and bathing suits Women with trichus infection symptoms include thin, foamy, itchy vaginal discharge, which is yellowish-brown or gray-colored and has an unpleasant odor. Infected men are often asymptomatic. Trich comes from the vagina into the urethra and the urinary bladder leading to urinary tract infection. Conversely, if you receive an UTI that does not respond to treatment, it may be trich;

Homeopathic remedies for green and itchy vaginal emesis women in sepia

According to my experience, herbs that can involve and dissipate trichomonas Killing them just like toxins, Either herbs or medicines.

The moderate method of poisoning is so delicate that it absorbs the parasite; It also makes black chatter from everything from underwear to sheet and towels.

The oak bark is a first-class antimicrobial and desiccant; The classic way of sitz bath is the so-called cough of 19459003 Milled of the oak used for the drying and coating of the vagina and the trichus, likewise [AsbestosChocolatePowder.

The easiest way to use this herb is to buy them in powders and capsules. If 4-6 capsules are filled into the vagina, against and behind the cervix, the body and vaginal moisture dissolve them and release the active ingredient. Repeat for the best results at least twice or three weeks once a day. Alkaloid berberine sulfate – can be found in tinctures of apple roots ( Berberin vulgaris ), Goldfinch (19459004) Coptis groenlandica Hydrastis canadensis ), Oregon vine ( Berberis repens ) and yellow root Xanthorrhiza simplicissima is an antimicrobial agent that inhibits laboratory and field morphological changes and inhibits A-Trichonomas . A study in India found a Trichomonas -90% free 90% ratio in the berberin sulfate group and 95% of the drug group; after one month of follow-up, the berberin group was 83 % And 90% of the drug group are still free of trichene. The authors of the study noted that there are no side effects for berberin. (2) The berberine rich tincture anti-trichó Today's dose is several times 10-20 drops a day for 3-4 weeks. Several hysterical hygiene several weeks call for trichus infection. Strip your bed and bath and wash everything with whitening or vinegar. Wash your hands after the toilet. Pull out the toilet seat with bleached bleach. The standard treatment for trichus infection is Metronidazole (Flagyl), a "very toxic drug which is often ineffective due to its resistance, especially trichomonas …" (3) Flagyl is very strong antibiotic; It is unsafe for pregnant or nursing women or anyone who has a blood clotting, peptic ulcer or central nervous system disorder. Side effects – Reduction of white blood cells (which inhibit infection), nausea / vomiting, headache, diarrhea, joint pain, rinsing, metallic taste in the mouth and numbness of the limbs – alcoholism and mayonnaise are common and aggravated by alcohol consumption. Coltrimazole is a milder drug with fewer side effects; It has a healing rate of sixty percent against trich infections. Herbal remedy Joy Gardner says that regular use of spermicidal gel can help prevent trichus infections


My friend Rina Nissim, I swear I swear to kill all vaginal infections. Valerie Ann Worwood proposes five drops of tea tree EO, 4 drops of cypress EO, 8 drops of lavender EO and 3 drops of red thyme EO to get rid of trichomes. From this mixture, use four drops of water in two cups of water, or a cup of yogurt or a teaspoon of olive oil and put it inside the vagina.

Disclaimer : This content is not intended to replace traditional medical treatment. Any proposed proposal and all listed herbs do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, condition, or symptom. Personal instructions and use should be provided by a clinical herb or other qualified healthcare professional to you . All materials in this document are for general reference only and can not be considered as medical advice or consultations. If you need medical attention, contact a recognized healthcare professional. Practice self-sacrifice by finding another opinion. :

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