Two types of orchids: earthy and epiphytic orchids

Orchids are a popular home-grown plant with more than a thousand species. Surprisingly, basically, there are only two types of orchids, earthy and epiphytic. Each species can be classified into two groups

The main difference between these two types is where they grow. Terrestrial orchids grow in soil while epiphytic orchids grow in structures such as trees, rocks and rods. Many people think of orchids as sparkling plants grown in pots or in greenhouses, Do you know they can be planted in the garden on the ground? Land orchids bloom in the soil and plant their roots on the ground.

Over 200 species of orchids are among the terrestrial, and many of them are wild in the tropics of America. Although most orchids like hot and damp climates, many people on Earth are really booming in the cold. Some even need temperatures below freezing. Like the other bulbs, these orchids will become dormant during the winter before springing up again in the spring.

Some ground orchids will grow in both soil and structures, and are called semi-terrestrial surfaces. The semi-terrestrial orchid is the Cymbidium. Southeast Asia, Japan, and even Australia are indigenous. Cymbids are popular among home gardeners because they are easy to cultivate and provide beautiful, fragrant flowers. In general, orchids, which people grow at home, are epiphytic orchids. To care for this type of orchid you need to understand how to grow it naturally. Generally, these orchids grow among the tree branches where organic matter accumulates. This is where nutrients are fed properly.

For home construction of epiphytic orchids, a pot is needed with drainage holes and a well-potted potting mixture. These plants need circulating air and good drainage for flowering.

Some examples of epiphytic orchids that can be cultivated well in a pot, Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Oncidium and Vanda. Both love the warm, humid climate and enjoy both the sun and the shadows. Both types of orchids are similar in the fact that beautiful flowers in beautiful rainbow colors are beautiful, they have a wonderful smell, and there are large sizes and shapes. This makes the orchids an interesting, unique flower that you can grow at home and enjoy the coming years

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