What Is the Taoist Diet?

In order to truly understand the Taoist diet, we must first understand a little about Taoist beliefs. Taoism becomes the center of East Asian and Chinese culture and its roots are as deep as 2000 years, though it has only spread to the West in modern times as people reject materialism for a deeper spiritual understanding.

Humorous people emphasize sympathy, humility and moderation – the latter being emphasized by their minimalist eating habits.

Although their neo-liberal thoughts do not care about their rule, Taoism is human. And so they do not believe in rigid and orderly methods of modern society, rather than following the natural flow of the universe. The common Taoist term Yin and Yang refers to the positive and negative energies of the Universe. [5] The five-color blind eye.

Five deaf ears.

The five tastes of blurred languages.

Fast horses and breathtaking hunting results in conscience and madness.

Rare and expensive things are losing people.

Therefore the sage is prone to the abdomen, not to the eye,

always ignores this and chooses it.

– Tao Te Ching, Part 12

Historically, the Taoist diet consisted mainly of fresh fruits and vegetables, with little meat and cereals – as the digestion process meant that the demon, the rotting grain and Trying to eat them from the outside. Today's diet has changed, primarily by accepting whole grain and the fresh fruits and vegetables of the tradition.

The Taoist diet is one of the five essential flavors of nature: Sweet (earth), salt (water), sour (wood), bitter (fire), spicy (metal). They believe that you do not taste the greediness and taste on another stand, so it is important to strike a balance to achieve inner harmony. Taoism is natural, And people are part of nature. One of the most important beliefs is that we "eat only food" – this means avoiding non-natural substances that can not be processed by the body and may contain unbalanced flavors such as artificial additives, medicines, etc. , Such as white flour, sugar and fast-food. These are not things that the body plans to consume and not grow from the ground, so not really natural "foods" are suitable for human consumption.


Taoist literature, many mention of the old people – or of the existing human people. Many texts talk about just having their breath and not eating any food at all. They lived as they were born, and came from the universe alone or from Yin Yang.

This practice is used under the name "Bigu" between Taoist Hermetic traditions and mythological ideas. It is not something that is practical or even safe for modern people who are trying in a normal society. The Taoists believe that the human state has changed and that the ancient state has fallen, that is, it is perfectly acceptable to eat.

The earliest Taoists are thought to have had a diet that reflected the concept of brotherly and enlightened masters in the pre-historic period – and before the development of agriculture. Thus in the earliest traditions cereals can not be used by the Taoists.

Many of these can be caused by health concerns, certain mythological, economical past, and other social factors. The minimalist approach is often explained, saying that the Taoists live more than individuals and acquire cosmic energy under consciousness.

However, as mentioned earlier, many early texts The feeding of cereals is not intended to arouse "Three Worms."

The 3 Worms

Early, mythological explanation of the abstinence of cereal in the 3 worms

Verbatim 3 demonic worms that were said to live in the human intestines After the death of the body. Of course, since their purpose is to digest their bodies, it is their best interest to die as quickly as possible.

Before their death, the 3 worms would live inside the person feeding the rotten biological material.

Therefore, as the intestines digested the grain, the 3 worm eaten the waste generated. As they nourish the eyes, they become stronger and later able to nourish the rest of the body and die faster.

Given that lifelong cultivation is one of the main goals of many Taoist practices, the purpose of the diet was to "wreak havoc on" 3 worms, reduce grain doses or completely eliminate it.

From a modern perspective, it may be that the earliest Taoist has simply noted that there is a correlation between caloric intake and aging or illness.

In the event that a cell has a finite number of possible divisions over its life cycle, the metabolic process must be drastically slowed down to slow down the cell division process. Another option mentioned above is only a pre-civilized pre-agricultural period when men have neither cultivated nor participated in social activities and Games addictive cultivation culture. The Third Immortal King said to the Emperor: "You have reached Tao, avoiding all the grain. You will never have to follow the rhythm of the moon and the plant or the harvest." Now, the people of the mysterious antiquity, Old age, because they stayed in leisure and never ate. "

The Dayou zhang (Verse of Great Existence) says:

The five eyes chisels,

Breaking and shortening of the five organs.

After entering our stomach,

No more chance to live long.

Try to avoid all death completely

Keep your belts free from grinding. "

While many ancient Taoists practiced the silencing of grain, this is not necessarily true, there are many reports of the Taoists who ate or who literally begged for the rice.]

The sliding of the eye may A purification process or a kind of fast that has led to important rituals, rituals or rituals such as taking long medicines, fasting, elixir sucking, etc.


Recently, typical diets Has radically changed and focuses more on PRIMARILY grain and does not exercise the whole fetus loss, though there are radical people who claim that media often makes them ridiculous and later realized that they were "starving" and not A true ancient Taoist style

The modern Taoist diet basically follows the basic y In-yang and element 5. It relies heavily on the un-process Full vegetable, fresh vegetables (especially root vegetables) and very little meat.

It is important that vegetables are roasted in the appropriate season and simmered or roasted. Boiling exits natural goodness. Fruits are generally dried or baked and tropical fruits are chewed because of their strong, often citrus flavor, which is unbalanced by the five flavors. It is also important that they are seasonal and free of any interference.

Generally, all red and blue meat, including pig, spit, snails and the like, should be avoided. Poultry and wildcat are good to eat and fish. However, fish and other marine products should only be eaten once a week, as they have a high Yin volume. Fish such as salmon, shark, swordfish and mackerel, which must be completely avoided by Yin.

Comes from the refined nature of alcohol consumption, caffeine and chewing / smoking tobacco consumption. In moderate Taoist eating habits, it is moderate and try to avoid over-prying (garlic, ginger, onions, etc.) consumption and keep as many preservatives as possible.

In the West, lifestyle and eating habits contributed to a drastic rise in problems such as heart disease, obesity, stress, cancer, arthritis and so on. As a first step in the focus, it has moved away from early prevention (natural and healthy nutrition) against drugs and surgery. One reason for prevention is a pound of healing. Why do you try to fight the disease when you root when you can avoid some simple guidelines for the first time?

Taoists believe that natural health is paramount, not doctors and medicines, and this is best achieved by consuming natural foods. Remember that the body regenerates, skin tissue and organs take 2-3 years, even the bones are replaced after seven years, and this is built from the material coming from his mouth.

But only if they get the right tools. Ideally, natural foods were planted without using fertilizers, chemicals or pesticides

Modern Taoist diet, in contrast to the modern Western diet, is characterized by:

Low fat

High energy

Vitamin and Mineral Enriched

Easy to digest the body

Untreated and Processed

This means that daily Western elements like bread and milk that are quite healthy are considered to be a toxic for strict Taoists. Instead, they replace rice and soy milk, and skimmed milk is generally accepted.

The "ground up" approach

Qigong: refers to the Taoist exercises that are to be maintained and moved by qi (the energy of the universe). Methods include meditation and concentrated physical movements. This promotes the maintenance of physical and mental health.

In general, many Taoist Qigong energies are drawn down from the ground upwards. Likewise, the concept of rooting is the basis of the tai chi and the many bases of Chinese and Taoist martial arts, historically and in the context of the Taoist power, from the ground up to be the most important way of acquiring vital energy. Like the Taoist Qigong, the Taoist Diets generally emphasize the "accelerated" approach to vegetable consumption. This means that plants should be consumed as a high percentage of the total diet, especially in the ground (root vegetables), as opposed to the higher ones, e.g. One apple

The main reason was that vegetable-bound vegetables have more energy and are able to deliver more energy to the body. Jams, root vegetables, potatoes, carrots, turnips mention only a few good ground energies that helped to strengthen the spleen (immune system) and make jing qi "more rooted"

After land-bound plants, they were green like cabbage, bok choy, spinach and so on, often picked or preserved for winter use. This was followed by higher plants – peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, Stb., Which provided good energy, but in a smaller proportion.

Source by Jonathan Semenick

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